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GUIDE9 Elements of Highly Effective Sales Conversations
GUIDEThe Ultimate Guide to Winning Sales Conversations
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GUIDE7 Elements of Successful Discovery Calls In Sales
GUIDECold Call Cheat Sheet
GUIDEDiscovery Cheat Sheet
GUIDEObjection Cheat Sheet
GUIDEDemo Cheat Sheet
GUIDECompetitor Cheat Sheet
GUIDEPersuasive Cheat Sheet
GUIDEDiscovery Call Insights Deck
GUIDEDemo Call Deck
GUIDECompetitor Call Deck
GUIDECold Call Deck
GUIDEPersuasive Call Deck
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Case StudyTouchBistro
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Beau Brooks, VP of Sales
Cameron Halstead, Director of Business Development
Veit Albert, VP of Sales
Marc Chabot, VP of Global Revenue
Kevin Croxton, VP of Sales & Customer Success
John Collins, Sales Operations
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Bill Hu, VP of Sales
VideoRainforest QA
Sam Blond, CRO
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Uri Maoz, US VP Sales, Site Manager
VideoIntelex Technologies Inc.
Bevin Lyon, VP, Customer Strategy
VideoCirrus Insight
Brandon Bruce, COO, Co-Founder
Paul Santarelli, VP of Sales
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Amanda Failo, Account Executive