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11 Hyper-Persuasive Sales Email Templates

These sales email templates have you covered throughout the entire sales cycle: Prospecting, follow ups, multi-threading, negotiating, closing. 

Use these fill-in-the-blanks templates to master data-backed selling techniques AND close more deals from your inbox.

Get the template and learn how to:

Fill-in-the-blank templates for every deal stage

Think mad libs, but for closing deals. From prospecting to closing: These sales email templates cover absolutely everything you need to close more deals.

Persuasive sales email examples

Most sales emails never get read. Let alone answered. Each template uses persuasion techniques to help you book more meetings and sprint towards signature.

Backed by data

Learn the psychology behind killer sales emails with data points from hundreds of thousands of actual sales emails.

Leverage proven email tactics

Most sales emails never get read. Let alone answered. Each template shares data-backed techniques to help you win more deals.

How to use the sales email templates

  • Copy-paste-win:
    Sales emails that actually sell: Download these sales email templates and use them before hitting send.
  • Easy to customize:
    These 11 simple fill-in-the-blanks templates will have you framing your asks in a way that produces maximum results.
  • Locked-and-loaded:
    Add these templates to your email game to ace your follow-up, boost reply rates, and speed up deal cycles.

Get the template and within seconds, you’ll learn:

Pattern interrupt

Learn how interrupting trained reactions to sales calls (saying no, hanging up) can scramble your prospects brain and defuse their initial reaction.

Power of humor

One of the most  personable ways to stand out on sales calls is to acknowledge that you’re interrupting  a person’s day with some light humor.

3×3 research

Spend three minutes finding three relevant pieces of information about a prospect. We’ll show you examples of how to tailor your call accordingly.

Long response triggers

There’s a strong link between buyers’ response lengths and closed deals. Learn how to signal to buyers that you want them to elaborate.


Keep prospects talking through the power of word reputation and intonation. Learn the secret to extracting long, info-rich answers.


When you label a buyer’s emotion, you make them feel deeply understood. Learn three sentence starters to use when labeling.

Before-after stories

Proving ROI isn’t all it’s chalked up to be—it can lead to a 27% drop in likelihood of closing the deal. Try telling this unique form of

Strong social proof

Instead of rattling off a few big-name customers, showcase customers that your buyer can actually identify with.

And there’s so much more…

Making this one of the most valuable templates we’ve ever offered.

This sales call template is absolutely brimming with tips, first-party research, and bonus tips and tricks—11 pages of money-making scripts in total!

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in the sales call template?

Glad you asked. The template comprises  a number of situational scripts bucketed into three high-level categories: 

Within each of these sections, you’ll find a number of individual scripts. Objection handling, for example. Or tearing apart the status quo. The section for cold calling has eight individual scripts on its own. We provide you scripts and techniques for all of the different scenarios that tend to crop up during sales calls so that you’re always ready to keep the conversation going.

Who is this sales call template for?

At a fundamental level, these scripts will help any sales rep who regularly conducts cold calls, discovery calls, or demos. But they’re really for reps who need new ideas for their calls, or who constantly run into the same issues. We wrote these scripts based on our analysis of actual calls. We did the research and vetting, so you know each sales call script really works.

What format is the sales call template sent in?

You’ll receive a downloadable, 11-page PDF packed with scripts, tips, best practices, and bonus techniques. This is by far one of the most comprehensive templates we’ve put out there. All you have to do is learn the scripts, tailor each one to your buyer, and start running calls that turn into closed business.

Why do most sales call templates fail?

If you’ve ever used a sales pitch template that fell flat on its face, or ran sales demos riddled with awkward pauses, then you know not all sales scripts are created equal. There are two primary reasons that most sales call templates fail: 

  • They’re too generic: Buyers listen to (and promptly discard) cold call after cold call, each and every day. Which means you have to find a way to stand out if you want to win. Most sales call templates only give you generic talk tracks, without the context you need to make them shine.
  • They’re not backed by research and data: Just because a seasoned sales pro says it doesn’t make it so. Each part of our sales call template is backed by our own research and analysis—no opinions or conjecture here.
What is sales enablement software?

Sales enablement software helps reps maximize sales productivity, from new-hire onboarding to personalized call coaching and training. The Gong sales enablement platform takes things a little further. We use powerful AI to automatically record, transcribe, and analyze every sales call, extracting the insights reps need to maximize their revenue generation.

Do you have any other resources for salespeople?

Tons. If you want more tips and tricks for running killer calls, be sure to check out Sales Call Planning: How To Plan – And Win – Your Next Call. If it’s your sales deck that needs help, check out The Best Sales Deck Ever (seriously, it’s awesome).


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