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Gong Insights

Power your systems with

Get a rich and unique data set that’s rooted in customer interactions. Enrich your business tools and make better decisions about strategy, productivity, and execution by leveraging what your customers are saying.

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How Gong helps you make smart decisions

Data Cloud

Bring your Gong data
into business reports

Securely enrich your critical reports by bringing Gong data into your BI tools. The power of pairing Gong data with your other business metrics unlocks answers to go-to-market strategy success, team efficiency, and revenue health.

CRM Enrich

Automatically update your CRM 

Capture then push critical data from your customer interactions to your CRM for unprecedented visibility across your teams and pipeline. Enhance your CRM data set and keep it up to date without relying on manual data entry from reps.


Mission control for
strategic initiatives

Take the mystery out of hitting your goals by tying initiatives to early success indicators like win rate. With executive dashboards in Gong, you’ll know whether teams use new messaging or talk about new products with customers.

Integrate your data

Capture every digital interaction with Gong’s comprehensive ecosystem and seamlessly push insights to your team’s systems.

Office 365
Gong enables our customers to quickly and securely combine their data in Snowflake’s single, integrated platform to provide a performance dashboard that helps businesses answer critical questions.
Chris Degnan
Chief Revenue Officer

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