Each year, we paint the town purple in honor of our Outstanding Gongsters. 2021 is no different: we’re tipping our hats to our OGs who live by our operating principles. And we’re placarding them all over town the world.

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Look Ma, I’m Famous

Vered Goren

Software Developer | Israel

Hannah Finn

Enterprise Implementation Manager | U.S.

Luis Martinez

IT Systems Specialist | U.S.

Sunny Huang

Strategic Customer Success Manager | U.S.

Yoni Dariel

Product & Strategy | Israel

Yoav Madorsky

Software Developer | Israel

Liz Montgomery

Recruiting Coordinator | U.S.

Laura Rehn

Enterprise Customer Account Executive | U.S.

Nadav Hoze

Senior Software Engineer | Israel

Shany Tzabari

Finance Operations Manager | Israel

Liam Dempsey

Business Systems Manager | U.S.

Erez Biezuner

Software Engineer | Israel

Laura Vitaro

Senior Manager, Account Based Marketing | U.S.

Ran Mochary

Senior Software Developer | Israel

Onboarding Team

Camille Pressley, Luis Martinez, Brandy Ringler, Chelsea Neill, Gabrielle Hughes, and Eric Lindroos | U.S.

Israel Hiring Team

Ayelet Heiferman and Inna Kadosh | Israel


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