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Words that sell [Full list]


Top sellers use these words because buyers unconsciously prick up their ears when they hear them. (Spoiler: discount is NOT on the list). These words that get dropped in everyday chit-chat are secretly a conversational lock-picking kit: opening up accounts and priming them to buy from you. Get the full list now.

Here exactly what you’ll get
  • Timeless sales wisdom now backed by data
    Door-to-door salesmen, Madison Ave copywriters, enterprise sales pros have handed down these trade secrets for generations. And now, the data proves them right.
  • These words are already in your vocab
    It’s sales. Not rocket science. You use these words every day. Now that you know which ones get you closer to a “yes” they will become part of your go-to phrases.
  • Real life examples
    Data, talk-tracks, and the brain science behind why they are so effective. It’s all in this short (2 page) list.

Secret: See what’s inside
  • No need to change your pitch
    That’s right. Because these words occur naturally in most sales calls you won’t need to force them into the conversation.
  • Add these words to your talk tracks
    Casually weave them into your go-to explanations and small talk. Now that you know to look for them you’ll start seeing them everywhere.
  • Calls, emails, decks
    Sprinkle these words into all your customer-facing materials. They are equally effective spoken as they are written down.


They work, here’s proof: I counted and I used these words 21 times on this page alone.

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