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Sales Presentation Template: 5 Slides To Cut And Replace (PowerPoint)

These 5 slides are sales presentation “low points.” Use these PowerPoint templates to capture your buyer’s attention, frame your presentation for maximum impact, and close more deals with the Sales Presentation Templates.

What you’ll learn
  • Cut these 5 slides
    Avoid common sales presentation pitfalls: These slides are included in 99% of sales presentations BUT are guaranteed to fail.
  • Sales presentations that sell
    Use these sales presentation templates to transform low-performing powerpoint decks into revenue-generating presentations.
  • Data-backed presentation templates
    Based on data from millions of sales calls: Learn techniques that top sellers use to win over buyers and close more deals.
How to use the sales presentation templates
  • Identify weak slides
    Pinpoint sales presentation “low-points” in your powerpoint slides that get buyers to zone out and lose interest.
  • Learn from top sales presentations
    Get inspiration from real sales presentations from companies with explosive growth: They all rely on known psychological principles.
  • Copy-paste these templates
    Follow these simple powerpoint templates that get you to frame your presentation for maximum persuasion.
What’s included in the template
  • 5 Slides to swap
    ROI, Feature Comparison, Logo Salad, and more: These all-too-common slides are a must-remove from your sales presentations.
  • 5 Templates to replace
    Follow these sales presentation templates to replace bottom-performing slides with high-impact presentations.
  • 5 Sales presentation examples
    Real examples from real companies: See how to apply the techniques explained in these templates and craft money-making powerpoints


How do I use the sales presentation template?

Find bottom-performing slides that drop attention levels and lower buyer intent and replace them with these sales presentation templates to grab your buyers’ attention and frame your presentations for maximum impact.

What sales presentation templates are included in the PowerPoint deck?

You’ll get 5 slide templates for critical junctions in your sales presentations as well as examples from high growth companies’ sales presentations.

Who should use the sales presentation templates?

For Account Executives: Use this template to customize your sales presentations for your buyers.

For Sales Managers: Share these presentation templates with your team to coach them and boost conversions in their sales presentations.

For Enablement: Use this sales presentation template to create high-performing sales collateral for your org.


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