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Move the Middle: Turn Your B-players in A-players

Sales Management

On-Demand Webinar

Most sales leaders focus their coaching efforts on their top and bottom performers. That means they are coaching only 30% of their team and leaves the other 70% — who are solid and eager-to-learn reps — out in the cold. If you want coaching that impacts your bottom line, focus your efforts on moving the middle

Join this webinar to learn how to identify your B-players and transform them into A-players with targeted coaching. You’ll unlock reality and revenue with a ‘move the middle’ strategy. It’s the best way to get quota-crushing results from the reps you already have. 

Featured Speakers
Katherine Williams Brinkman
Katherine Williams Brinkman Manager, Relationship Management, Global Accounts LinkedIn
Daniel Cano
Daniel Cano Head of Direct Sales, North Cone HubSpot
Dana Feldman Strategic Sales Gong

Coach smarter, not harder

Hear from seasoned sales leaders on how to identify the middle of your pack using data, how to start moving the needle, and how to track the impact on your revenue. They’ll reveal tips and tricks to replicate successful behaviors, processes, and plays across your entire sales org. Aka the activities that make dents in your revenue chart (the good kind). 

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn
  • How to identify B-players
    What data identifies your middle performers? This is a mission-critical step. Get this wrong and you’ll focus your coaching on the wrong people… and struggle to hit your number.
  • How to measure progress and success
    Learn exactly which benchmarks to look for as you reshape your coaching efforts. There’s no room for best guesses here. This is how you show your team that their efforts are paying off.
  • How to scale winning behaviours
    There’s a simple secret to replicating your top performers’ strategies. It’s what allows you to scale your wins without scaling your team.


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