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Revenue Operations Software: Powerful Data, Superhuman Forecasting

RevOps leaders use Gong’s revenue operations software to capture activity data from every touchpoint and forecast with superhuman ability. Gong’s RevOps platform uses AI to analyze every customer interaction across sales and CS to deliver insights into your deals, your pipeline, and your team.

5 Reasons To Use Gong’s Revenue Operations Software

I asked our customers why they recommend revenue operations software from Gong. Here’s what they said:


Next-Level Forecasting

Gong’s revenue operations software gathers data from each point of contact with customers, and analyzes exactly where you stand on every deal. The days of stab-in-the-dark forecasting are over.


Clean Activity Data

Pair data from Gong’s revenue operations software with your CRM data and access the truth about your pipeline: How much pipeline is real? Which deals shouldn’t be rolled up? And where can sales and CS step in to course-correct.

Reason #3

Total Pipeline Visibility

Plenty of deals in your pipeline aren’t real. (Gasp.) Reps think they’ll land, but they won’t. Want to know where deals really stand? Use revenue operations software to find out whether decision makers are involved, whether next steps are set, and whether the competition has been addressed.

Reason #4

Deal Risk Warnings

Take the mystery out of closed-lost deals AND get ahead of them. Was budget not discussed? Has a deal been stuck in one stage for weeks (plural)? Is the next meetings set after close date? Get alerted before it’s too late with revenue operations software from Gong.

Reason #5

Closed-Lost Analysis

If things go south, you need to figure out why. And quickly. Hit the rewind button and go back to watch the game tape. With Gong’s revenue operations platform, you can analyze every play to figure out where pipeline is being executed consistently (and where it isn’t).

Why use Gong’s Revenue Operations Software?

Gong is here to help you tear down barriers and get your sales, marketing, and customer success operations working in tandem.

Activity data from calls, emails, and web-conferencing combined with AI to analyze and deliver insights makes Gong’s RevOps software the essential piece of a revenue operations toolkit.

With revenue operations software, your customer data is always up-to-date with a true picture of what is really happening.

How Does Gong’s Customer Retention Management Software Work?

It’s a pretty simple formula: more visibility into customer interactions, unfiltered voice-of-customer insights, and real-time feedback on customer health. With Gong, you can monitor the leading indicators of churn to drive renewals, grow customer relationships, and add value to each account.

step 1

Gong’s revenue operations platform accesses your sales and CS teams’ calendars and emails to log all their customer interactions.

step 2

Then it ties that recorded data to opportunities in your CRM and surfaces insights using AI analytics. 

step 3

It delivers a real-time view of your pipeline and shows you risks before it’s too late.

step 4

Revenue Operations software from Gong means better forecasting and better sales and CS efficiency.

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More Than Revenue Operations Software

Gong is known as the #1 revenue operations software. But it’s so much more. Gong’s Revenue Intelligence platform records and transcribes your team’s calls, then uses AI and machine learning to deliver exceptional insights from its revenue operations software. You know what’s happening inside deals, learn what works with customers, and see where training can help.

Revenue Intelligence is the new way of operating based on customer reality instead of opinions. It’s got you covered, forward, backward, and sideways:

People Intelligence

Your teams have superstars. Find out what they do that works, then press copy-paste across your teams.

Deal Intelligence

It’s like a truth serum for your pipeline. Gong shows you where each deal stands, and how to get to closed-won.

Market Intelligence

Get a real-time view of your market. Which competitors are coming up? How much pipeline is impacted? How are buyers reacting to new messaging?

Rev Up

Reserve your personalized demo of Gong’s revenue operations software today:

The Word On The Street Is Golden

If you don’t have a Revenue Intelligence platform in place right now, you’re missing the mark.

The Deals section is an absolute game changer. The tool really becomes super charged when you integrate it with your CRM like Salesforce.

The amount of support we get is second to none. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to up their sales, support, and success game.

Gong is simple to use and captures great details that helps us improve our sales process and keep track of opportunities.

“Second to none.”

3,000+ Rave Reviews From Revenue Leaders

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RevOps Software Q&As

What is a revenue operations platform?

RevOps software allows teams to get insights and recommendations on all parts of their revenue organization:

  1. Improved forecasting: using data from in-pipeline opportunities to deliver accurate forecasts
  2. Reliable activity data: pulling from sources across your team to get a real-time view of buyers and customers
  3. Deal risks: highlighting at-risk opportunities and churn signals to proactively unblock deals
  4. Analysis: running every layer of analysis from closed-lost analysis, competitive intelligence, and sales forecasting
How does revenue operations software work?

RevOps tools pull data from sources across your revenue organization to generate a holistic view of your business. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your revenue operations platform captures buyer and customer interactions across channels like email, calls, and webconferencing
  2. It ties back data to opportunities in your CRM
  3. It displays all available data by team, pipeline stage, or opportunity to allow RevOps to get visibility at every level in their org
Which CRM fields can we use as filters or columns?

When your Gong admin sets up the CRM integration for Salesforce or Hubspot, they can import any CRM fields into Gong. Broadly speaking, you can use these fields as filters or columns when creating your dealboard.

Which pipeline warnings can I get using Gong?

These seven deal warnings mean you can keep a close eye on your pipeline and stop deals from going sideways:

  1. No activity
  2. Ghosted
  3. Overdue
  4. Not enough contacts
  5. No power
  6. Pricing not mentioned
  7. Stalled in stage
Which CRM integrations does Gong support?

Gong revenue operations software integrates with all the pieces of your sales team’s tech stack (call recording VOIP, CRM software, web conferencing software, diallers, email). These include: Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and more. Click here to view our full list of integrations, including CRMs.

Is Gong compliant with our privacy policy?

Sure is. Whether it’s data retention or recording consent, you’re covered. You can review our security certifications here.

Some countries and US states require that both parties on a call are notified when a call is recorded. As a best practice, we recommend including this notification regardless of the call participants’ locations. 

Here’s how Gong helps:

  • It provides a personalized consent page hosted by Gong to obtain recording consent. Team members send invitees the link to this page instead of the conferencing provider’s link. After invitees consent to be recorded, they are directed to the meeting.
  • When you install the Gong for Google Calendar add-on domain-wide or per individual, you can easily schedule meetings using the consent page in the native calendar app.
  • Participants hear an audio prompt when they join a call, telling them that the call is being recorded.
  • Participants can receive an email 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled call reminding them about the call and that it’s recorded.

With Gong, you choose compliance settings that meet your local and company requirements.

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