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8 Essential Email Templates

Selling Skills

You can spend ages writing every email from scratch. Or you can tap into proven business-winning templates from some of the world’s leading sales professionals:

Proven Blueprints for Sales Success

There’s a template for every occasion:
  • Open the door with a cold prospecting email.
  • Stand out with a competitive differentiation email.
  • Niche down with an industry-proof email.
  • Land face time with an exec intro email.
  • Diversify your efforts with a referral/multi-threading email.
  • Get back on track with a ghosting email.
  • Lock them in with a meeting confirmation email.
  • Keep the conversation going with a follow-up email.
Get tips from quota-beating sellers who can answer key questions:
  • When do you introduce social proof?
  • How do you get in front of executives?
  • Which subject line do you use when you’re ghosted?
  • And more!


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