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How to Build a Winning Sales Enablement Strategy

By Jonathan Costet, January 7, 2023

Sales training isn’t enough when you’re competing for enterprise sales.  Great sales training programs will make your sales reps better sellers. But what you really want is to make them experts in selling your products. That’s where a sales enablement strategy comes in — a comprehensive plan of how you can support your sales reps with the […]

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How to Win Big with Target Account Selling

By Jonathan Costet, December 14, 2022

High-value deals are the holy grail for B2B sales managers. But they aren’t easy to come by. If you want to win enterprise-level six-figure deals, you need an enterprise sales strategy.  You need a strategy that trades quantity for quality. One that has your sales reps focus only on the very best leads. One that sees […]

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What Is a Strategic Sales Plan?

By Jonathan Costet, December 5, 2022

As a sales manager, you’re like a general marshaling your troops (or sales reps) into battle. It’s your job to lead your team through the trenches and give them direction so they’ll know which markets or territories to target and how best to attack. That’s why having a strategic sales plan is vital.  It sets […]

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7 Skills Every Sales Manager Needs

By Jonathan Costet, November 23, 2022

It’s hard to become a sales manager without first being a good sales rep. After all, when the majority of your own quota is based on your team’s sales performance, you need to know how to sell.  But that doesn’t mean the best closer is guaranteed to make the best sales manager. While sales managers […]

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What Are the Stages of a Sales Pipeline?

By Jonathan Costet, November 16, 2022

Visibility is everything in sales. If you can’t see where each deal is in your sales process and how long it’s been there, you’ll struggle to improve it.  That’s why building and managing a sales pipeline is so important.  A well-defined sales pipeline makes your sales process transparent, allowing you to see your deals in […]

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The 7 Stages of the Sales Cycle Explained

By Jonathan Costet, November 9, 2022

You can’t build a successful sales team with poorly defined sales strategies.  Consistency is key if you want to meet revenue targets month after month, year after year. And nothing breeds consistency like a detailed, repeatable sales cycle.  By outlining the steps your reps need to take to move each deal from first contact to […]

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What You Need to Know About Complex Sales

By Jonathan Costet, November 7, 2022

Enterprise sales are a different beast than small to medium-sized business (SMB) transactions. They involve more decision-makers and have larger values. A strong sales process is crucial to navigate these deals successfully.  But how do you handle multiple decision-makers? How do you maintain deal momentum and keep large deals from “slipping”? Keep reading to find […]

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