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Conversation Intelligence: Supercharge your sales team and Gain a competitive edge

Revolutionize your sales game with conversation intelligence. Get unparalleled insights from customer interactions and empower your team to build winning playbooks that leverage data-backed techniques.

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How does conversation intelligence work?

Conversation intelligence enables revenue teams to harness the power of AI to convert unstructured data from spoken, written and video conversations between buyers and sellers—turning it into deal and coaching insights that improve seller performance.

Gain 360° visibility across every customer interaction

Understand and quantify productivity behaviors, such as how well sellers conduct discovery, drive deal momentum, or execute messaging at each sales stage. Know definitively with data what behaviors lead to the best outcomes.

Get the most out of every coaching opportunity

Train before, during, and after critical moments. Automate coaching measurements—like performance improvement or team dashboards—and spend more time running your playbook instead of tracking it.

Improve and measure critical initiative success rates

Enable your team to spot potential problems earlier and fix adoption gaps with real-time insights. By understanding successful programs quantitatively, you can justify and scale every big revenue bet.

How Conversation Intelligence Helps You Win More Deals

Evaluating each rep’s effectiveness is vital to building a top-performing team. But what sales manager has time to shadow every rep and review every interaction? Gong automates tedious reviews and surfaces critical insights faster.

Capture All Customer Interactions

At the core of conversation intelligence are the interactions your reps have with customers each and every day. Every single call, email, and web conference—new and old—is raw material for our platform. Gong hangs onto all of it and uses those interactions to run advanced analytics to extract valuable insights.

Perform Deep,
AI-Powered Analysis

Here’s the fun part: Gong uses conversational AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze every interaction. It’s constantly running in the background as new interactions are added to the system—looking for trends, buyer signals, red flags, room for improvement and more.

Share Winning Insights with
Reps to Close More Deals

Sales teams use conversation intelligence for many reasons. Some need a more complete picture of customer pain points and topics of interest, backed by real keyword data. Others want to record common objections and questions so they can sharpen their playbooks. Many of our customers use Gong to find cues that indicate a prospect’s willingness to buy. Whatever insights you’re looking for, Gong will find them.

conversation intelligence Features

So what does it look like? Glad you asked. Here’s a breakdown of features customers get with
Gong’s top-rated conversation intelligence software.

Call Recording
Conversation intelligence tools allow you to record sales calls so they can be listened to and analyzed by your team.
Call Transcription
Transcribe calls so you can read through and search your call transcripts (instead of having to listen to every second to find what you need).
Deals don’t stop at calls. See what’s going on in every deal, including every step on the way to closed-won. That means phone calls, web conferencing, email, in-person, and CRM. Never miss a beat with conversation intelligence software.
Interaction Insights
Record, transcribe and analyze sales calls; search for specific keywords or topics within calls, view call stats, and pinpoint topics of interest.
Team Activity
Whether your team is working remotely, in-office, or both, conversation intelligence shows you which deals are being worked, which calls are happening, and which emails are going out, so that you can lend a hand where you are needed most.
Deal Warnings
Conversation intelligence can recognize patterns in deals across all communication channels. That includes any missing next steps, no prospect activity in the last 14 days, and more. These cues identify at-risk deals sitting in your pipeline, so you can build a plan to re-engage deals before they go cold.
Call Spotlight
Call spotlights helps reps and frontline managers get up to speed on the most important takeaways from calls. There are three key capabilities to highlight: Call brief, Next Steps, and Ask Anything.
Ask Anything
Leverage the power of revenue AI to answer your most pressing questions. With Ask Anything, focus on highest impact areas, connect insight to action across your pipeline, and empower reps to personalize outreach quickly.
Gong insights help us learn, train our reps, and — most importantly — provide a better service to our customers and prospects.  Working with Gong gives me confidence that we will succeed.
Paul Santarelli
Chief Sales Officer, PitchBook


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