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Conversation Intelligence: Stop Losing Winnable Deals

Conversation Intelligence is how sales leaders find out what separates the best from the rest and build a winning playbook. Conversation Intelligence software captures your customer interactions, understands what is being said, and delivers insights into what works (and what doesn’t). See Gong’s Conversation Intelligence platform in action:

What Started As Conversation Intelligence Has Evolved

That’s right. When Gong got its start, the only game in town was conversation intelligence. Since then, things have changed with our launch of the unprecedented Revenue Intelligence category. Lucky for you, that means you get to have everything that conversation intelligence platforms do and more.

How Revenue Intelligence Goes Beyond Conversation Intelligence

Revenue professionals like conversation intelligence. It lets them understand rep performance and coach their reps to the right behaviors. But they love revenue intelligence. Why? Because on top of helping up-level their reps, revenue leaders use revenue intelligence to get a reality-based view of their pipeline AND find answers to their go-to-market dilemmas. In fact, we asked our customers and raving fans what differences mattered most to them. Here’s what they told us:

Difference #1: It’s A Truth Serum For Your Pipeline

Revenue intelligence software does more than enable coaching. It gathers insights from calls (like conversation intelligence platforms) as well as email and shines a light on all aspects of deals sitting in pipeline. That way, revenue leaders (that’s you) can understand which deals are trending to close, which are not, and then correct course to get deals back on a path to closed-won.

Difference #2: So Simple, It’ll Feel Like Cheating

Revenue intelligence platforms go beyond keyword analysis, too. Whereas conversation intelligence involves  searching through a call transcript, revenue intelligence is about understanding what a good sales conversation looks like for your business. Not only that, but a good revenue intelligence platform will make good conversations simple and repeatable for your team to win more deals. It’s like a litmus test for your go-to-market: competitive talk tracks that win, deal cycles that close, and new products and messaging that stick. Revenue intelligence gives you a real feedback loop of what your buyers are saying so you can capture an almost unfair share of your market.

Difference #3: Work Smarter

As good as they are, conversation intelligence platforms still leave a lot of work for sales managers. Like sifting through calls, identifying coaching opportunities, and tracking script compliance. Revenue intelligence says work smarter, not harder. Because revenue intelligence uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze calls, it does the heavy lifting for you. It can notify you of behaviors that matter to your business in real time, like a competitor mentioned in a late stage deal, a deal with no next steps, or even a talk track that wasn’t adhered to. With revenue intelligence, you can see at a glance what deals your team is working, how those deals are progressing, and whether those conversations are raising any red flags (so you know where to lend a hand).

Say Goodbye Opinions, And Hello Reality

What is Revenue Intelligence? If we were to summarize it in a nutshell, revenue intelligence gives revenue leaders a new way to operate. Instead of basing their decisions on a hunch, revenue intelligence gives them critical insights into their team, deals, and market. That way, leaders can base their decisions on what’s actually happening in their customers’ world—the best kind of reality check.


Turn average performers into top performers and top performers into superstars.


Get a full bill of health on all the deals in your pipeline.


Hear what your customers are saying and discover where you win.

How Conversation Intelligence Helps You Win More Deals

Evaluating each rep’s effectiveness is vital to building a top-performing. But what sales manager has time to shadow every rep and review every interaction? Gong automates the tedium and gets you to the good stuff faster.

Capture All Customer Interactions

At the core of conversation intelligence are the interactions your reps have with customers each and every day. Every single call, email, and web conference—new and old—is raw material for our platform. Gong hangs onto all of it and uses those interactions to run advanced analytics to extract valuable insights.

revenue tracking tools for sales leaders
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Perform Deep, AI-Powered Analysis

Here’s the fun part: Gong uses conversational AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze every interaction. It’s constantly running as new interactions are added to the system, looking for trends, buyer signals, red flags, room for improvement, and more.

Deliver Insights that Reps Can Use to Close More Business

Sales teams use conversation intelligence for many reasons. Some need a more complete picture of customer pain points and topics of interest, backed by real keyword data. Others want to record common objections and questions so they can sharpen their playbooks. Many of our customers use Gong to find cues that indicate a prospect’s willingness to buy. Whatever insights you’re looking for, Gong will find them.

data driven recommendations


Conversation Intelligence vs
Revenue Intelligence

So what does it look like? Glad you asked. Here’s a breakdown of the main features you get with both conversation intelligence software and revenue intelligence platforms. You’ll also see a list of features you won’t get by using regular conversation intelligence software and sales intelligence platforms.

Features you will get with Conversation Intelligence and Revenue Intelligence platforms

#1 Call Recording

They both do this (it’s table stakes). Conversation intelligence and Revenue Intelligence tools allow you to record sales calls so they can be listened to and analyzed by your team.

#2 Call Transcription

Available with conversation intelligence and revenue intelligence: the ability to transcribe calls so you can read through and search your call transcripts (instead of having to listen to every second to find what you need).

#3 Call Analysis

On a basic level, both conversation intelligence and revenue intelligence platforms analyze your calls. With both, you’ll have access to call analytics like talk ratio, patience, customer monologues, as well as certain keywords or phrases you wish to track. However, revenue intelligence goes further than keywords and phrases to help you understand what reps are doing and when, and how these behaviors impact close rate.

Features you will ONLY get with Revenue Intelligence platforms

#1 Emails

Deals don’t stop at calls. And neither does revenue intelligence. Now you’ll see what’s going on in every deal, including every step on the way to closed-won. That means phone calls, web conferencing, email, in-person, and CRM. Never miss a beat with revenue intelligence software.

#2 Course-Correct Deals

Revenue intelligence can recognize patterns in deals across all communication channels. That includes any missing next steps, no prospect activity in the last 14 days, and more. These cues let you spot at-risk deals sitting in your pipeline, so you can build a plan to re-engage deals before they go cold.

#3 Team Activity

Whether your team is working remotely, in-office, or both, revenue intelligence shows you which deals are being worked, which calls are happening, and which emails are going out, so that you can lend a hand where you are needed most.

"Game Changer"

3,000+ Reviews Put Gong #1 In Conversation Intelligence

Let’s start a conversation about Revenue Intelligence

Hey. You. Behind the screen. You have questions. We have answers. Let’s join forces.

They swear by Revenue Intelligence

We didn’t ask them to say this, btw.

“Revenue Intelligence, as I understand it, is the ability for you to really get down to the real detail on what works and doesn’t work from an individual sales rep, so that you can have a strong understanding and foundation. How do both build a repeatable business and a predictable one? And that’s what everybody’s looking for. That when they’re thinking about hiring more and more salespeople is like, what do I get out of the next salesperson that I hire? And can I assure leadership and the board that we can continue to get that same level of results as 5x –10x the organization. And what Gong allows us to do is have a lot of confidence that what we’re telling reps to do is actually proven in the actual conversation with customers.”

Armen Zildjian

VP Sales, Drift

They used conversation intelligence. Then they upgraded to Revenue Intelligence.

Conversation Intelligence FAQ: We’ve Got Answers

What kind of insights can conversation intelligence software provide?

Here are some of the problem areas and use cases that our conversation intelligence platform helps resolve:

  • Sales coaching
  • Self-coaching and peer learning
  • New hire onboarding
  • Voice of customer
  • Competitor analysis
  • Pipeline management and forecasting
  • Performance reviews
How does Gong find, record, and transcribe all customer interactions?

Once you integrate Gong with your calendar, email, and CRM, it automatically starts scanning for meetings, calls, and demos to record. Gong then records audio and video from each session and transcribes it in real time, giving you a deep, searchable database of interactions.

Does Gong work on mobile devices?

Yes, Gong can be installed and accessed on most smartphones. That means reps and sales managers can take their self-study, coaching, and best practices with them wherever they go. Need to walk the dog but still want to step up your sales game? It’s no problem at all with Gong.

Will Gong integrate with my existing tech stack?

More than likely! Gong currently offers dozens of integrations (and counting). Here are some of our more popular integrations: 

  • GoToMeeting
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Zendesk
  • Slack 
  • Google Workspace

See a full list of Gong integrations.

Where can I read reviews of Gong conversation intelligence software?

You can read 4,000+ reviews of Gong on G2 Crowd, where Gong is ranked #1 on G2’s best software list. If you want to go under the hood to see how customers actually use Gong, check out our library of customer success stories.