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Revenue Management Software That Keeps You a Step Ahead

Finally, an answer for that old patchwork approach to revenue management. With Gong, you’ll have all the data insights you need in a single view, from pipeline health and at-risk deals, to forecasting and closed-lost analysis. See why top organizations are switching to AI-powered revenue management software.

5 Reasons to Use Revenue Management Software

We asked our fellow sales leaders and revenue management pros why Gong is the best revenue management software around. Here’s what they told us:


Forecast with Unparalleled Accuracy

It’s time to go beyond your best guess. Because Gong does more than collect data from calls and emails—it helps you accurately identify which opportunities actually have a chance. That’s absolute gold when it comes to forecasting, as reps will see which prospects they should dedicate the most time to.


See a Complete View of Your Sales Pipeline

One definitive view to rule them all. See exactly where each deal stands, from the engagement of decision makers, to competitive analysis and next steps, all in a single screen. Gong shows you the activity and buying signals you need to build a more accurate pipeline. That way, sales reps are never guessing about when deals will close, or what’s the next step in the sales process. And you’ll never guess about the revenue you can count on.

Reason #3

Don’t Just Assess Pipeline Risk—Act on It

Yes, Gong will show you deals with no next steps identified, or in which the decision maker isn’t involved. Gong will show the deals where the budget hasn’t been discussed, too, or commit-stage deals in which the next meeting won’t happen until next quarter. But you’ll also see where the issues are across your pipeline, in aggregate and organized by rep. You’ll not only see how much of a rep’s pipeline is at risk, but be able to send those reps references to accelerate their deals. Overall, you’ll be able to identify and re-engage at-risk deals much earlier in the sales cycle.

Reason #4

Put Winning Plays to Work Across the Team

The world’s best athletes always go back and study film. They watch themselves and other top performers to see what separates the best from the rest. The same goes for sales reps. Gong makes it easy for new and struggling reps to learn what their colleagues are doing to excel. They’ll see winning perspectives in high-leverage conversations, as well as the common patterns behind losing and winning deals. Use Gong’s analytics, statistics, and automated identification of key moments to pinpoint and replicate winning behavior.

Reason #5

Run Closed-Lost Analysis on the Ones That Got Away

Sometimes, it helps to stop and press rewind on the deals that didn’t make it. Gong will show you the objections, challenges, or outright mistakes that characterize your closed-lost deals. With Gong, even closed-lost deals help sales organizations put their reps in a better position to win.

Why Choose Gong As Your Revenue Management Software?

There’s a reason that Gong is rated #1 for revenue management software on G2 Crowd. Actually, there are a couple of reasons.

With Gong, your teams will have access to data that other revenue tracking software just can’t provide. All of the information is there and it’s always up to date. That goes for retrospective data, information about in-the-moment deal execution, and everything in between. What’s more, Gong is cloud-based and can scale up or down based on your team’s speed, agility, size, and growth.

As one long-time customer likes to say, it’s like having an unbiased third party around that can always validate deals, revenue insights, and more. It’s true: Gong has helped countless revenue teams enhance their predictive analytics, sales and re-engagement models, and pipeline management.

That’s what we like to call revenue intelligence.

Gong Revenue Management: A Single Source of Definitive Insight

There’s leveraging the data and then there’s being a data-driven organization. Our revenue management software uses powerful AI to provide reality-based visibility around all of your data sources and sales tracking needs.

Implement Revenue Tracking Across Your Sales Pipeline

Get a single, authoritative view of all the deals in your sales pipeline, wherever they are in the sale cycle. Your sales managers can use deal boards to find insights beyond what reps are inputting into the CRM—all the info they need to get deals over the finish line and at-risk business back on track.

Find and Share Best Practices with the Entire Sales Organization

Maybe the best review we’ve read for Gong is the sales rep who listened to their colleagues’ calls while walking the dog. That’s learning best practices on the fly and that’s the power of Gong revenue management software. With Gong, sales leaders can classify calls into a resource library that new and existing staff can use to learn best practices, winning plays, and successful demos. It’s accessible anywhere and on any device, too.

Include the Right Deals in Your Forecasting

Sales leaders and revenue management professionals don’t just need data for better forecasting, they need the most complete and trustworthy data sets available. Gong will tell you which deals have momentum, which don’t, and which ones have gone completely dark. That way, you and your reps won’t include anything that shouldn’t be included in your sales forecast.

How does Gong’s revenue management software work?

You might call it revenue intelligence. You might call it revenue software. Either way is fine with us! Because Gong quite literally tracks deals from start to finish so closely, and so thoroughly, that you’ll know exactly which and what kind of datas turn into revenue from your company. Here’s a snapshot of how it works.

step 1

Pull Data from all Calls and Emails

Every rep’s calls are analyzed and transcribed within minutes. Email interactions are indexed, too. That means everybody has access to a searchable, tag-able database of interactions. Need to revisit a call to review a client request? Gong can do that. Need a meeting recap? Gong can do that too. Ask any rep: the ability to drill down into calls without listening to the whole thing is a game-changer.

step 2

Tie Data to Opportunities in CRM

Gong automatically syncs customer interactions, including topics of sales conversations, call recordings, and indicators of customer health, with the corresponding customer records in your CRM. It’s all tied together in real time, saving tons of time on manual input and human error.

step 3

Get Actionable Insights into the Right Hands

When we say actionable, we mean it. Gong synthesizes insights from your entire database to help make your team smarter across every facet of your sales cycles. Reps benefit from personalized next steps, call metrics, and revenue intelligence tied right into their calendars. The RevOps team will be able to forecast with pinpoint accuracy. And you’ll replicate best practices with ease.

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More Than Revenue Management Software

Revenue intelligence is about empowering your entire go-to-market organization. We do it by tapping into your most valuable and abundant asset: customer interactions. Every day, your teams are sending emails, calling prospects, and following up. That’s an incredible amount of data that holds the secrets to maximizing revenue.


Put your people in a position to win by showing them what winning looks like. Gong provides visibility into the behaviors of top performers, team-wide performance and trends, and guidance for what comes next.


See real-time pipeline status by stage to pinpoint an unscheduled next step, time since last meaningful meeting, and other indicators that a deal is losing momentum. Or, zoom out and check these metrics against the entire pipeline.


Knowing the market trends is crucial to successful revenue management. Gong enables market and competitor research so your teams can keep up with fast-changing segments and shifting customer needs. 

See What a More Predictable Sales Pipeline Feels Like

The days of disparate and disconnected revenue management are over. Come see why so many teams are trusting Gong for their revenue tracking software.

Rave Reviews for Gong Revenue Management Software

Member engagement is critical to our company operations and revenue. Using Gong has given us a seamless way to interpret call analytics and see where and how we engage members and then pinpoint what helps our associates be successful during member engagement.

We’ve been able to increase our pipeline and revenue generation as we have been able to coach better, especially around handling objections and competitive situations. Our marketing team has also been able to use the real conversations captured by Gong to create more relevant content for better lead generation.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you develop personally, or to help develop your entire sales/revenue team, I can’t think of a tool that is more valuable. It gives you the ability to analyze your top performers and understand the things that are repeatable and coachable.


4,000+ Rave Reviews

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Revenue Intelligence Software FAQ

You’ve got questions. Here are some answers.

What is revenue management software?

Sometimes referred to as “revenue tracking software,” revenue management software helps teams optimize sales activity and financial results. We prefer the term revenue intelligence, which begins with the automatic capture and analysis of customer interactions. From there, Gong AI uses those learnings to help team members focus on the activities most likely to create winning outcomes.

How does Gong’s revenue tracking software work?

Our solution unlocks the realities embedded across your entire go-to-market strategy. You’ll have complete visibility into team performance, market trends, and forecast. At the center of Gong’s autonomous system is your conversational repository, which our AI constantly analyzes and derives intelligence from. That intelligence helps align your revenue teams around the activities that strategies that actually generate revenue.

Why should you use revenue management software?

Let’s face it: sales and revenue teams already use a lot of tech. For good reason: intuition only gets you so far. Date, on the other hand, is what revenue professionals need to be more successful. But not just piles of raw data stitched together from different siloes. Revenue professionals need a centralized platform that automatically blends that data and delivers actionable insights.

Does Gong integrate with my CRM?

Yes. We find that a CRM is a great tool for recording what happened, but not necessarily why. Gong integrates with most CRM solutions to provide that why. How? First and foremost, reps can quickly copy/paste auto-generated call transcripts into the CRM for more context. Gong will also identify, track, and analyze data in calls that might not or cannot be tracked in a traditional CRM. In the end, you’ll have a record of every interaction saved directly into your CRM, saving your reps a lot of time on manual updates.

What kind of insights can Gong deliver?

What do we mean when we say we help your team extract insights from sales calls, customer interviews, and other interactions? We mean understanding a given prospect’s true need for the product in question. We mean the information reps need to calibrate their approach based on keywords, talk time, and competitor mentions. Oh, and don’t forget the metrics, i.e., average deal cycle, next steps, time in stage, and so on. The list is long, which is why we’ve pioneered a new term for our unique approach. Find out more here.

Does Gong’s revenue management platform comply with my privacy policy?

The short answer is, yes: our revenue management platform will comply with your company’s privacy policy. With our permission system, you can control which calls are available to whom only authorized parties have access to calls. At the outset of each client call, Gong will automatically announce that it’s recording the session so that a) client’s are aware and b) clients can opt out if they want to. To learn more about how Gong fits in with privacy policies, check out our trust center.

Which tools does Gong integrate with?

Your existing tech stack is very important to us. That’s why Gong offers nearly 100 integrations (and counting), including Webex by Cisco, Office 365, and Zendesk. We’re so committed to building the right revenue management integrations that we invite you to develop a Gong integration of your own.

How does Gong connect to Salesforce?

Thanks to a dedicated Salesforce integration, Gong automatically syncs any and every relevant datapoint with the corresponding Salesforce record. This comes in quite handy when helping someone get up to speed on an opportunity, or just making sure call reviews and verified account information are synced with Salesforce. Many customers like the ability to search by any field in Salesforce (company name, phone number, etc.), alongside Gong’s ability to link recorded demos and meetings to the correct Salesforce records.

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