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Words that close

7 Data-Backed Phrases Win Deals

We analyzed 176,891+ sales calls and uncovered seven words that turn “can’t-wins” into closed-won. Use these words in your next call to accelerate pipeline and bring deals across the finish line. (Warning: you might surpass your forecast by a lot.)

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  1. 7 data-backed phrases to win deals
    These surprisingly straightforward phrases are the keys to unlocking your team’s full potential. Cut through the noise and get straight to signature. 
  2. Win-rate boosting stats
    Want results you can take to the bank? These legendary phrases close deals and send reps packing… for President’s Club. 
  3. Winning secrets to help you nail your pitch
    Never wonder if your pitch is landing again. These phrases help you lead conversations confidently and avoid fumbles that sink committed deals. 
  4. Key insights to strengthen new messaging
    At scale, these words become even more powerful. Ensure new talk tracks include these phrases — before rolling them out to the entire org.
  5. Ways to start supercharging your enablement
    Use these words in every template, call script, deck — you name it. Work these phrases into your pitches to achieve record-shattering results.


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