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The 7 Laws of Highly Effective Emails

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Gong analyzed over 300K sales emails to isolate the language, techniques, and patterns that most often capture attention and compel a response.

Then we distilled our finding into 7 laws — a series of “Dos” and “Don’ts” — any salesperson, in any field, can follow to reliably write unignorable emails, book more meetings, and ultimately, close more revenue.

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This is exactly what you’ll find inside the guide

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Plus each law comes with a valuable insight, picked up by Gong’s AI
  • Your cold emails success rate will, on average, drop 15% when you use this type of language – see law 1
  • If you take this simple action before asking for a meeting, your outreach will be 2X more effective – see law 2
  • This call-to-action delivers a 37% success rate for in-pipeline emails (vs 28% for other CTAs) – see law 3
  • Believe it or not, this is the ideal number of email recipients (any more and your response rate will decline) – see law 4
  • Look for this behavior from prospects: the more you see it, the closer you are to closing your deal – see law 5
  • The very best reps use these pronouns 29% more often than their average and underperforming peers – see law 6


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