Skyrocket your revenue success

Thousands of sales pros have better sales conversations every day thanks to Gong. Your team will love it too.

Conversation IntelligenceTM
Rock-It Science

Words sell. That's why Gong captures all of your sales conversations -
phone calls, web conferences, and emails. It then uses AI to
uncover the stuff won deals are made of.

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How winning becomes contagious

Gong picks apart what's working, what's not, and how your star reps communicate. The best talk tracks and habits then spread across your team like wildfire.

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Life's too short to waste it on onboarding

Gong is the treasure trove of your team's winning plays. That's why the world's best sales teams binge on Gong to shorten onboarding and coaching from months to weeks.

Oh my gong, the features!

Game Tape

Finally, There’s a Game Tape for Sales

Trying to figure out what happened on a sales call? Reading the summary in your CRM is useless. 30 written words never truly recap 6,000 spoken words. Gong captures and analyzes every word of every sales conversation. Meet your new single source of truth.

Game Stats


Gong reveals what your star reps are doing differently: What questions they are asking, how they’re discussing pricing, and what their talk-to-listen ratio is. It then compiles the best plays into your winning playbook so you can spread the wisdom.


Search - and Find Gold

Find anything in any sales conversation. Gong transcribes and indexes everything so you can easily find that call where your competitor was mentioned. Or make sure your reps are on script. You can even get alerted every time someone asks for a discount.


Better Together

Easily share sales calls with customers or internally. Ask for feedback, tag team members to get them involved, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Gong weaves collaboration into your team culture to help everyone win more deals together.



Sales Leaders

Prepare for the Hall of Fame

Build an all-star team reps would kill to work for. Make sure the team is always on message, as if you were sitting in on every call. Easily replicate deal-winning tactics and slash onboarding time by half.

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Frontline Sales Managers

Level up your
Team's game

Watch your team as they become Gong junkies. They'll be coaching themselves in no time and continuously getting better. Never lose site of how deals are moving forward, all the way to the quarterly finish line.

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Account Executives

Talk the talk that
makes you rock

Put down that pen and start listening to your prospects. Gong has your back with auto note-taking because writing call summaries is so 1995. But wait, there's more! Whisper™, your new personal trainer, gives you customized coaching tips to make each call better than your last.

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Sales Enablement

Productivity paradise

Why settle for enable when you can make them soar? Watch sales reps binge on recorded calls and slash ramp time by half. Easily grow revenue per rep with personalized coaching tips from Whisper™. It's a new Gong - and I'm feelin' good.

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