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The Gong Reality Platform™ uncovers what’s happening in customer conversations so revenue teams can do more of what’s working and set themselves apart from the competition.

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How it Works

Gong’s Reality Platform captures what’s going on with your customers and team, delivering insights and guidance so you can adapt, upskill, and hit your targets.
Get a holistic picture of your market and team
Gong captures the most comprehensive set of customer interactions in the industry — from video calls, to phone calls, emails, and more — basically anywhere your team interacts with customers or prospects. It saves your team valuable time.
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Understand what’s really happening in your business
Industry-leading AI processes the full context of your customer interactions — key topics being discussed, top questions, action items, and relationship dynamics.
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Deliver personalized guidance at every level
Gong understands your business. Arm your team with data on coaching opportunities, which deals reps should focus on, as well as how to improve forecasting accuracy.
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