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Operating Principles

These are the operating principles we use to manage our day-to-day with. They also guide us on what to look for in new Gongsters we hire.

Create Raving Fans

We don’t want just customers; we only want raving fans. We prioritize selling to customers that are a great fit for Gong, and do our utmost to create the best possible product and service experience. You cannot go wrong by making a customer happy.

Want More

We are never completely satisfied with our accomplishments. When we achieve new records, we celebrate, and then imagine new ones. Across the product and company we’re building, this applies to everything we do. Every individual and team at Gong strive to be the best at their craft.

Challenge Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom yields conventional results. We want extraordinary results. We encourage ourselves to question common assumptions and “axioms”. This doesn’t mean we’re doing the opposite of conventional wisdom, but the notion that “everybody is doing it that way” just doesn’t cut it at Gong.

Win as a Team

Gongsters optimize for the team win, and we strive to hire people who prioritize team wins above their own. We’re here to win as a team.

Act Now

Instead of spending too much time discussing how we’re going to act, we simply act. We keep “work about work” and “plans for having plans” to the necessary minimum.

No Sugar

As bitter as they may be, we prefer to know the facts. Sugar-coating does not help make decisions or solve problem quickly. We encourage every Gongster to be direct, speak their mind, and expect the same from their peers.

Favor the Long Term

Our vision will take a while to fulfill; When conflicted with taking a shortcut now vs. doing the right thing for the long term, we favor the long term.

Enjoy the Ride

Last but not least: While we’re very serious about our work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Have fun and enjoy the ride!