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Say hello to Conversation Intelligence™. It's changing how we sell.
Because the game isn't about having more conversations — it's about having better ones.
Gong lets your team stop the guesswork and start using the words that work.

Gee, thanks. You made us blush.

We don't mean to brag, but we've earned some pretty nifty awards:

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Gong is in the details

Check out how Gong makes rock stars out of salespeople.

Get the game tape

Gong captures every customer call, web conference, and email. You can finally see how deals are progressing and what you could be doing better.


Gong knows. Just ask.

Want to know when a competitor came up in a call? Or how a discount request was handled? Ask away. Gong will tell you.


Get the game stats.
It'll almost feel like cheating

Gong reveals your winning playbook. It uses your team stats and industry benchmarks, sprinkles some AI dust, and shows you what works. Boom.


Sharing is caring

Team selling wins more deals. Gong helps your team collaborate, provide feedback, and work together as a lean mean selling machine.


From meh to wow in no time

Power to the salespeople! Gong is here to push sales pros to be the best they can be. Oh, and also sell like crazy.


For the love of Gong

"Whether you’re a small or large organization, Gong is the perfect solution to coach your team in real-time and provide inline notes."

"Gong is essential to any sales organization for the pure sense of feedback. The ability to share a call across the company is invaluable."

"Gong is the heartbeat of our coaching sessions. It’s a very nice tool for the people that are helping improve our sales team."

"From a sales adoption standpoint, Gong is frictionless. You start getting value out of the system right away."

"From the time we implemented Gong, our reps’ talk time has decreased by 10 percent, and our customers’ talk time has increased by 12 percent."

"Gong is an easy-to-use tool that delivers insights across our international organization. It allows our teams in different timezones to stay centered around a North American market."

"You have the ability to be in every customer call, without actually being in every customer call. Gong has helped us improve our flow and understand what we can do better."

"The beauty of Gong its ease-of-use and set up. It automatically joins your meetings, and you don’t even have think about it."

"A lot of the coaching materials you find online are very general. Being able to use Gong to personalize our feedback has made our coaching meaningful."

"More than anything, Gong has been super helpful in highlighting the value of our best practices."

"It has given me confidence that the quality of our sales process has consistently gone up."

"Collaboration is incredibly important to me. Gong allows us to share ideas with each other, and I can take what reps are doing really well to coach the rest of the team."

"The ability to save time and have access to all of the sales conversations out there with Gong is literally unbelievable."

"It is extremely difficult to get a sales team to adopt a new piece of technology. This is one of the only things our sales team embraced with open arms."

"We shaved 76 days off our sales cycle and almost tripled our win rate by making sure there’s consistency with how our sales team engages with prospects."

"I would recommend Gong to other sales organizations because of the impact it has had on us and our sales process."

“Most sales leaders have a host of reps performing below quota (and let’s face it - that’s the majority of sales reps in the world). With Gong, we were able to ‘raise our average,’ shifting quota attainment across the team up a few notches.”
Zach Taylor VP Sales, Ambassador
“Our close rates are up 30% from Q4 last year to Q1 this year. Weʼve cut onboarding ramp time by 20%. And our sales cycle has been cut in half. Gong has played a big role in all of those metrics. Itʼs been a huge part of our success.”
Drew Hamilton CSO, Kareo
“Gong gave us the assurance that our reps were doing the right things during their discovery calls and demos. We’ve shortened our sales cycle to just 16 days and more than doubled our close rates.”
Greg Reffner Director of Sales, Allbound
“I've been able to change the trajectory of deals to a win just by using Gong to listen in on calls. I do this at my convenience, even during my daily commute to work.”
Marc Medrano Vice President, Sparkcentral
“Gong has helped us identify dozens of sales coaching and development opportunities to help us deliver better experiences for our buyers. It is now at the top of our sales stack.”
Chris Hardeman VP of Sales, Act-On
“Every rep we deployed Gong to saw a marked increase in performance within 45 days. My reps now pitch and sell sharper.”
Marc Jacobs VP Sales, Greenhouse
“Gong gives our sales reps an edge on their ability to learn their pitch faster. Our AEs listen to themselves after calls. This is a great way to train yourself.”
Brittany Caulfield VP of Sales, Cloudinary
“Gong helps us with messaging, positioning, and objection-handling. It creates an immediate feedback loop for our 1-on-1's and helps sales reps get up to speed.”
Jon Parisi VP of Sales at GuideSpark
“Gong made us understand which topics are being discussed and which competitors are being mentioned. Using Gong as a coaching platform is really helping us grow.”
Jake Holt Director of Sales, Cirrus Insight
“I used Gong for my own ramp-up, listening to calls, learning the product faster, and closing my first deal faster. I now use Gong to listen to my own calls to learn and improve from one call to the next.”
Michaela Brady-Hunter Account Executive, Anyperk
“Thanks to Gong, I have been able to consistently shorten sales cycles. Since my prospects can now review our solution's functionality using Gong's simple user interface on their own time, I can focus on other critical parts of the sales process.”
Michael Quinlan Account Executive, Sisense
“As a sales leader, you can't make every sales call or meeting. Gong allows us to listen to our call recordings on-demand for coaching, as well as gather critical intelligence across the company. ”
Mike Lambert Chief Revenue Officer, Outsystems
“Gong is the most impactful sales tool that I’ve used or seen, and I’ve seen and used a lot. It’s impact is unbelievable. ”
Eric Bluhm Vice President, Zywave
“Gong didn’t just improve our sales conversations, it created a cultural shift in how everyone in the company manages conversations with prospects and customers. ”
Greg Reffner Director of Sales, Allbound
“I had hunches about what my team members were doing to make calls successful but only when I started using Gong I could confirm those hunches in reality because I just can't listen in on every call. ”
Katherine Williams Brinkman Account Management, Guidespark
“Our managers and reps rely on Gong.io to boost their close rates, self-coach and hit their quotas. Our biggest win has been getting struggling reps up to plan quickly.”
Paul Snelson VP of Sales, TouchBistro