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Gong is used by the world’s best sales teams to improve their sales calls and win more deals.

Discover the Killer Pitch that Seals the Deal

If you could coach on every call, your team would surely close more deals… but you can’t.
Gong provides you with X-Ray vision into your sales calls, so you don’t have to be on every call.

Flip it On and Watch the Magic Happen

Gong helps sales reps coach themselves and each other, systematically improving their pitch and winning more deals.
Set it up in 5 minutes. No process change required.

Self Coaching

Sales reps listen to instant replays of their own calls and get automated feedback for improvement

Peer Coaching

Sales reps share calls and save them to libraries of their best and worst plays for new rep training

Team Leader

Gets daily team call digest to inbox, listens to selected calls at double-speed, and comments on them

VP Sales

Gets actionable analytics on team’s calls and can easily hone into critical call segments by topic or opportunity outcome

Gong has helped us identify dozens of sales coaching and development opportunities to help us deliver better experiences for our buyers. It is now at the top of our sales stack.
Chris Hardeman
Chris Hardeman VP of Sales
Every rep we deployed Gong to saw a marked increase in performance within 45 days. My reps now pitch and sell sharper.
Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs VP Sales
Gong gives our sales reps an edge on their ability to learn their pitch faster. Our AEs listen to themselves after calls. This is a great way to train yourself.
brittany caulfield
Brittany Caulfield Vice President of Sales
I've been able to change the trajectory of deals to a win just by using Gong to listen in on calls. I do this at my convenience, even during my daily commute to work.
marc medrano
Marc Medrano Vice President, Global Enterprise Sales
Gong helps us with messaging, positioning, and objection-handling. It creates an immediate feedback loop for our 1-on-1's and helps sales reps get up to speed.
jon parisi
Jon Parisi Senior Director, Enterprise Sales
Gong made us understand which topics are being discussed and which competitors are being mentioned. Using Gong as a coaching platform is really helping us grow.
jake holt
Jake Holt Director of Sales
I used Gong for my own ramp-up, listening to calls, learning the product faster, and closing my first deal faster. I now use Gong to listen to my own calls to learn and improve from one call to the next.
michaela brady hunter
Michaela Brady-Hunter Account Executive
Thanks to Gong, I have been able to consistently shorten sales cycles. Since my prospects can now review our solution's functionality using Gong's simple user interface on their own time, I can focus on other critical parts of the sales process.
Michael Quinlan
Michael Quinlan Account Executive
Gong.io is the most important tool that can actually impact the performance of our sales team. We can drill down on moments with individual clients and also understand across all sales calls how often important keywords come up. If you're not using Gong, you can't truly understand where improvements on sales calls live.
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Bob Sherriff Director of Innovation

How it Works

Gong automatically records all your sales calls on your favorite conferencing platform like GoToMeeting, WebEx, Zoom, or Join Me. Gong’s artificial intelligence engine transcribes the call and analyzes it to discover the good, the bad, and the ugly in each call. This empowers your team to constantly improve its pitch and win more deals with zero process changes.


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