Being a Gongster actually is all peaches and cream. We jam with the latest in AI, machine learning, NLP, and speech technology. Just look at all those awesome awards and patents hanging on the walls. Throw in awesome leadership and prime investors, and voilà – rock & roll meets rock solid.

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We’ll Take the Everything Bagel

We walk the walk when it comes to inclusion and diversity. Whether it’s promoting Women in Sales or sponsoring LGBT+ projects. Most importantly, it’s the people we choose. It’s not just about creating a level playing field. We truly believe that a multitude of voices drives innovation and creativity.

We Didn’t Make Them Write this. We Swear.

A Word from Our Founding Gongsters

“We hire the best and invest in making them awesome. At Gong, you’ll be working with the sharpest minds in business, engineering, and research. Together, you’ll be challenged to be all that you can be, both as an individual and as a team player.”


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