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Let’s celebrate your team’s achievements in revenue intelligence
Find out who won in 2021

What are the Golden Gong Awards?

2022 is just around the corner, but we haven’t said goodbye to 2021 just yet! End the year with a bang (or a gong) by winning a Golden Gong Award for your company.

What is it? It’s our award program where we recognize our customer’s achievements across several different categories, and you can choose which one suits your team best.

If your team wins, we’ll applaud you at our #celebrate event, send you an award plaque, and offer you thought leadership opportunities. Plus, you’ll have bragging rights. (Those are both timeless and priceless).

What are the award categories?

The Captain

Best Gong for Teams Story: Have you figured out how to replicate what your best reps do? This award recognizes how you’ve transformed your team into quota-shattering super sellers. Show us how your team is more productive with Gong—and provide metrics and results.

The Deal Maker

Best Gong for Deals Story: No stalled deals here! Share with a story of how you were able to keep a deal on a path to close by solidifying next steps. Let us know how the deal was going before you spotted the opportunity to improve, and what you ended up closings!

The Strategist

Best Gong for Markets Story: Being able to hear the unfiltered voice of your market is one of the most powerful benefits of Gong. This award will go to the best story of how a team was able to guarantee success when rolling out a new initiative. Let us know how you did it.

The Visionary

Best story of upgrading to Gong from another platform: Moved to greener pastures? If you were once invested in another platform solution and switched to Gong, tell us how the change transformed your organization. Extra consideration will be given for entries that name the previous platform used. Please include tangible metrics and results.

The Innovator

Most Creative Use of Gong: Have you used Gong in an interesting manner to solve problems? Let us know more details about your use case.