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What Is Value Selling?

By Jonathan Costet, December 19, 2022

When your team is trying to close deals of a certain size with high-level clients, being a great salesperson may not be enough.  Selling will only take your team so far. They’ll need to become consultants to get some deals across the line.  And the best way to become a consultant is to take a […]

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Is the Miller Heiman Sales Process Right For You?

By Jonathan Costet, December 14, 2022

The thought of closing a large enterprise deal with more than one decision-maker involved can sound intimidating. There’s a lot on the line, and one misstep could cost you the deal.  Fortunately, there’s a sales methodology that can help. Enter the Miller Heiman sales process — a framework that helps your team manage and close […]

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How Machine Learning Can Improve Sales

By Jonathan Costet, November 2, 2022

B2B sales is a rapidly evolving discipline. Boiler rooms are a thing of the past (largely). Modern initiatives focus heavily on relationship-building.  Take the rapid adoption of account-based marketing, for instance. A recent study found that 87% of businesses are putting a stronger focus on account-based strategies.   With this in mind, what place do progressive […]

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The Complete Guide to Remote Sales

By Jonathan Costet, September 26, 2022

The global pandemic forced sales teams to change their processes and go digital. But even as lockdowns have eased and businesses started resuming operations, what started as a response to a crisis has become the norm. 50% of buyers say that working remotely has made the purchasing process easier. And 70% want to continue working remotely […]

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How To Create a Winning Go-to-Market Strategy

By Jonathan Costet, September 14, 2022

It’s brutal out there.  Whether you’re launching a new business or a new product, competition is fierce, resources are limited, and market preferences can change in a moment.  Just look how crowded the G2 Grid® for CRM is: (Image Source) With over 700 companies competing in this highly saturated market, getting lost is easy. Hence, […]

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Consultative selling: What is it and why does it work?

By Jonathan Costet, August 10, 2022

Being a pushy salesperson who only focuses on their product’s features and benefits won’t get you very far in today’s market. A product-focused, target-oriented mindset may have worked 30 years ago, but today’s buyers are much better informed and far less willing to put up with an unsatisfactory sales experience.  Unfortunately, some sales reps still […]

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What is Social Selling? The Ultimate Guide

By Jonathan Costet, August 8, 2022

58.4% of the world’s population is on social media, with the average time spent on these platforms reaching 2 hours and 27 minutes daily. That’s a big chunk of all your daily attention span spent on social every single day. So, of course, in 2022, most companies are already on social media pushing their products and […]

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