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Unlock reality. Fuel your revenue engine.

Give your teams and leadership complete visibility into all deals, team performance, and market changes. Know for sure what is actually coming down the pipeline each month.

Deal lacks active VP level contacts
Talking for 70% of the call in Discovery
Pricing not mentioned and the deal is closing in 15 days or less.
Gong Recommends
Engage 2 more contacts to 5X win rate
Gong Recommends
Decrease talk time to 49%
Gong Recommends
Discuss pricing in your next call


Add science to the art of selling to win more deals

Gong analyzes your customer-facing interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing to deliver your team the insights they need to close more deals. Move your teams to reality-based performance today, with autonomous insights that guide your people. So they are better aligned across the enterprise.

Just look at the results


Increase in revenue per rep


Additional time saved*


Reduction in onboarding time*

* The Total Economic Impact™️ of Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, 2021

Find hidden gems in every interaction

Revenue intelligence helps you capture frontline conversations to better understand your deals, teams, and market. Here is how it works.

Here’s how Gong can help you

Sales leaders
Frontline managers
Sales enablement
Account executives

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Sales Leaders Rely on Gong

“Without Gong and its team, we would not have had the insights and decision-making confidence that enabled significant growth in 2020.”
Stephen Capezza
Senior VP of Premier Agent Sales & Partnerships
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Learn why frontline managers rely on gong

“Since adopting Gong, we have seen a significant increase in our productivity per rep. So on average, new reps are ramping up faster and getting over 100 percent quota within the first few months of their ramp, which is a big difference from us from before.”
Annalisa Specter
Sales Manager - North America Small Business
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learn why Sales Enablement rely on gong

“The data and insights have helped determine areas of opportunity for further enablement training, as well as gaps in our process that require improving as we grow and scale our organization.”
Kirk Thomas
Sales Enablement Manager
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Learn why account executives rely on gong

“Gong saves us the time we used to spend on top-of-funnel activities. More deals are qualified, so we see the predictable and repeatable revenue streams we strive for. I couldn’t live without Gong now.”
Mark Truman
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