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Get Inspired by Our Lumineer Champions

What would you achieve if you could reach your full potential at work? Maybe you’d empower teams, build strong connections, and unlock reality for everyone in your organization!

Find motivation below in our Lumineer Champions. They’ve all had a positive impact on their peers and organizations using revenue intelligence, and you can too.

Everyone Should Hear Well to Live Well

Veit Albert, VP of Sales

What is the market saying, and are you listening? Learn how Veit used Gong to help his team hear the unfiltered voice of their customers.

I Build a Sales Team Like I’d Build a House:
From the Ground Up
By Ryan VanElslander, VP of Sales
Measure the Immeasurable: Remove the Hypothetical and Increase Transparency in Your Sales Process
By Kathleen Teichmeier, Senior Program Manager
Sprout Social creates a customer-first culture using Gong
By Marshall Hamilton, Senior Director of Sales Strategy
3 Ways the CS Team at Momentive Delivers High Quality Customer Conversations
By Kim Nguyen, Enablement Manager, Customer Successs

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