Sales Enablement Software For Data-Driven Teams

Maximize sales productivity, improve rep performance, and ramp new hires faster with sales enablement software from Gong. Gong is a Revenue Intelligence platform that analyzes your reps’ conversations to uncover hidden growth levers. It empowers sales enablement teams to monitor training effectiveness and share best practices from top performers at scale.

Meet Gong. Your Enablement Team’s New Favorite Tool

Gong’s recommendations are grounded in your team’s data. Your team’s best sales conversations are like no other. Now you’ll know what good looks like for you so you can build your playbook and build a team of quota-crushing superstars.

Gong’s sales enablement technology works like no other. Because it captures and analyzes your team’s customer-facing conversations across email, phone, and web conferencing you can track in real-time whether messaging, methodology, and enablement materials are being used in the field. And tie closed-won business that came from it.

Gong gives reps the tools they need to self-train using real-life conversations. It’s like giving reps a fish AND teaching them how to fish at the same time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Sales Enablement Software

I asked our customers why they would recommend using Gong for sales enablement. Here’s what they had to say:

Reason #1

Sales Enablement’s Top Productivity Hack

With Gong’s sales enablement technology, you can be in 10 places at once. Instead of spending your time shadowing calls, pull them up on-demand and let Gong’s data show you where to focus your training.

Reason #2

Pinpoint Improvement Areas

Identify true training needs using data from real-life sales calls. Now you’ll really know where to focus your sales enablement efforts to boost rep performance and drive revenue.

Reason #3

Monitor Talk Track Adoption

Confirm that reps are using the messaging, training, and enablement materials by tracking use of words and phrases in conversations. No more guesswork. More like clockwork.

Reason #4

Build Personalized Development Plans

Zoom in on individual reps’ coaching needs using data from our sales enablement tool and deliver personalized feedback to put them on track for success.

Reason #5

Reps Swear By It

Oh, and did we mention sales reps love Gong? Because they really, really do. It’s where they go to review their game tape, learn from top performers, and improve their sales skills.

Less Questions. More Answers.

How can I use Gong to track new messaging adoption?

Your enablement team can monitor new messaging, product rollouts, updated talk tracks, and sales methodology compliance by your sales team directly in Gong’s sales enablement software. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up trackers: Automatically detect use of certain words and phrases by your reps, your prospects, or both. 
  2. Set up email alerts: these notifications will let you know if the key messaging is or isn’t being used on calls. That way you’ll know in real-time if new messaging is catching on, and what to do about it.
  3. Review stats: These dashboards will give you a trend of how effectively messaging is adopted over time, and give you the tools to determine which areas to focus on. You can also break down by team or by rep to opt for a more personalized approach and to surface coaching opportunities.
  4. Topics: Identify patterns across thousands of conversations that you wouldn’t be able to do without AI. Even better, Gong’s AI will ID which patterns lead to successful closes, doing the leg work for you so you don’t have to listen to hours and hours of calls.

Certifying reps on new messaging?

Sales enablement can use several features in Gong to maintain script adherence across their team.

  1. Library: select great calls or snippets to show reps what good looks like. Build tribal knowledge from the ground up.
  2. Scorecards: create custom scorecards so that you and other members on your team can offer structured feedback to reps on their performance on a given call. 
  3. Upload a recording: new reps can upload a recording of themselves giving your pitch so that you can review it in Gong. 

How does Gong help new reps onboard faster?

Sales enablement teams can use Gong’s platform to get reps to quota in record time. 

  1. Show it all: using libraries you can curate conversation snippets from every stage in your sales process to get reps up to speed on each step to close. 
  2. Ask managers and reps to participate: let your team pick their best calls so that you can put together best practices from across your organization.
  3. Make call-shadowing easy: let new hires access your team’s best calls at any time. You can also incorporate certain calls or folders into your Learning Management System workflow, by linking to them in relevant sections. 

How does Gong help sales managers deliver consistent feedback?

Using the power of Gong’s sales enablement platform, you’ll be able to ensure homogenous coaching and feedback for all the reps on the team.

  1. Set alerts for managers: that way, they’ll all track the same behaviors across their reps.
  2. Create standardized scorecards for managers to deliver feedback using the same criteria every time.
  3. Let reps listen to calls from their peers across the organization so they can take on best practices from their peers.


How can Gong promote self-learning?

Here are actions your team members should take to make Gong’s sales enablement software part of their daily self-coaching routine:

  1. Get the highlights: Listen back to important moments in calls and identify action items or critical details to unlock deals. 
  2. Stay in the know. Before talking to a customer, listen to previous call highlights. Capture call notes and comments in Gong so they’re aligned with the relevant parts of the conversation. Gong comments allow the call organizer, their peers, and their manager to review a call within minutes with the full context for each call. Comments can include bookmarks for important segments of the call, coaching tips, deal notes, and other relevant points.
  3. Make it a habit. Listen to at least one or two call recordings per week–their own and their peers’, and leave feedback. Treat other team members’ calls as learning experiences, particularly calls made by the team’s top closers. Listen to recently closed-won or closed-lost deals, and deals in specific vertical markets.
  4. Tag a friend. Use @mentions in comments to request help, ask questions, or share information the team should know about. Savvy reps will leverage this for positive moments, such as clever objection handling, driving concrete next steps, etc.

Show Me How Gong’s Sales Enablement Software Works

Don’t mind if I do. Here’s what goes on behind the scenes to make Gong a must-have tool for sales enablement:

  1. Gong captures your team’s sales conversations and analyzes them with AI technology.
  2. Gong breaks down stats for each rep (talk ratio, questions, customer monologues) and for your entire team so you can identify where they most need help.
  3. Gong notifies you when specific words or phrases come up in conversation so you can monitor adoption of your enablement programs.
  4. Gong stores all your team’s best-practices and lets you organize them so that reps can access real-life examples to drive their performance.

More Than Sales Enablement Software

You read that right. Gong is the leading Revenue Intelligence platform. With Gong, revenue leaders can get total visibility into their team, their deals, and their market.

So, what’s Revenue Intelligence? It’s the new way of operating using customer reality – instead of opinions. And here’s what that means for you:

People Intelligence
Understand what good looks like for your team and your calls. Build a winning playbook for your sales team. Turn managers into all-star coaches.

Deal Intelligence
Get a reality view of your pipeline. Track touch points on all your deals and all your channels to stop deals going dark and see them through to the finish line.

Market Intelligence
Uncover a gold mine of insights from your customer conversations and crack the code to capture an unfair share of your market.

Goodbye Opinions. Hello, Reality.

Join us (along with thousands of revenue leaders) in a moment of silence in memory of our dear old friend, opinions.

We Didn’t Ask Them To Say This

We didn’t ask them to say this, btw.

"Revenue Intelligence, as I understand it, is the ability for you to really get down to the real detail on what works and doesn't work from an individual sales rep, so that you can have a strong understanding and foundation. How do both build a repeatable business and a predictable one? And that's what everybody's looking for. That when they're thinking about hiring more and more salespeople is like, what do I get out of the next salesperson that I hire? And can I assure leadership and the board that we can continue to get that same level of results as 5x --10x the organization. And what Gong allows us to do is have a lot of confidence that what we're telling reps to do is actually proven in the actual conversation with customers."
Armen Zildjian
VP Sales, Drift

Gong is one of the best sales enablement tools out there. It is so easy to use and the benefits so high that it is truly a no-brainer for any sales team.
Gong is a sales game-changer. I cannot think of a better enablement tool for new reps to ramp up quickly...and for seasoned reps to stay sharp and continually improve.
I love how I can use Gong to amplify all of my sales enablement and training initiatives especially on the continuous learning front and after sales people have gone through the basic onboarding.