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In this 3-min on-demand demo, get under the hood of The Gong Reality Platform and discover key features that supercharge revenue teams.

key features covered

Call InsightsRecord, transcribe and analyze sales calls; search for specific keywords/topics within calls and view call stats

Deal driverSee opportunities customized for reps through troublespots detected in real-time from deal board

Deal boardGet an overall picture of your pipeline, individual deal activity, warnings, next steps, and competitive insights

Deal warningsHighlight deals-at-risks with specific red flags, surfaced based on the calls and emails with prospects

TrackersWord groups and phrases that you can tag on calls to hone in on the most important pieces of a conversation

Deal insightsAI-generated insights that analyze successful deal cycles and match behavior patterns from closed-won deals

Call talk trackKeep logs of call transcripts and Zoom chats; manage playback by speed, speaker, topic, or time

Call libraryOrganize calls for easy access at a later time with folders (manually gathered) and streams (automatically gathered based on set filters)

How Gong Works

Gong captures and analyzes customer interactions and alerts you to risks and opportunities across your business. Here’s how it works.

Can Gong really offer you actionable next steps? You bet.

Capture frontline conversations to better understand your deals, teams, and market. Here is how it works.

Deal Alert
Deal lacks active VP level contacts
Talking for 70% of the call in Discovery
Pricing not mentioned and the deal is closing in 15 days or less.
Gong Recommends
Engage 2 more contacts to 5X win rate
Gong Recommends
Listen more during Discovery
Gong Recommends
Discuss pricing in your next call


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