Total Deal Visibility, From First Contact to Close

Gong brings together every interaction across your deals in a single view so you can quickly understand pipeline health and stop sales from going south.

What is Deal Intelligence?

It’s true visibility from the macro to micro—from pipeline to deal to customer interaction—in a single view so you can proactively address risks before deals go dark.

See all your customer interactions at-a-glance & quickly assess deal health

AI identifies risks so you can quickly address blockers & increase close rates

Collaborate with your entire team on a deal & ensure seamless handoff post-sale

Here’s How Deal Intelligence Helps You Win More Deals

Understand your pipeline

Don’t settle for anecdotes and spotty notes. Gong gives you a single, unfiltered view of what’s going on across your deals so you can quickly understand which ones are healthy and which ones are at risk of stalling.

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Increase of booked meetings by SDRs

Unblock Deals

Proactively unblock deals

Quickly audit deals to identify trouble spots. Are the right decision-makers in the deal? Have the next steps been set up? Be proactive and strategize with your reps to course correct in time and keep sales moving.

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Reduction of time in opportunity to close

Help your team win

Selling is a team sport. Gong enables knowledge transfer at scale, so the entire deal team is up to date on the latest for any deal. Work together to deliver a better buyer experience and close more deals.

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Increase of close rates after first month

Quick Call

We use Deal Intelligence for our larger deals. It helps to really understand what the sentiment is each customer, and whether or not the engagement is going up or going down…

Jason van Ravenswaay Head of Global Sales Operations

If I want to understand what’s happening in a deal cycle, I’ll go to Gong first … not our CRM.

Armen Zildjian VP of Sales

Telling a group of athletes to ‘go run the play’ is similar to telling a group of salespeople to ‘go close some deals.’ Gong allows us to ‘see the moves’ as they are happening.

Geoff Prince Director of Sales

Here’s why reps love it:

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