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TouchBistro gains next level sales insights with Gong for deals

Coaching Deal Execution Strategic Initiatives Mid Market NA

The challenge

TouchBistro wanted a solution that could help them coach and provide great feedback to enable reps to be better. They were also searching for an AI-driven solution that would help surface trends and other elements in calls.

The outcome

By using Gong to enhance their sales processes, TouchBistro gained a dramatic lift in their lead-to-opportunity conversion rate and improved their attainment rate for reps.


Toronto, ON






Restaurant Software

TouchBistro is an iPad POS and integrated payments solution built for restaurant people, by restaurant people – with every feature designed to meet the unique needs and fast pace of the foodservice industry. Used in more than 100 countries, TouchBistro has powered over 25,000 restaurants worldwide.

They were experiencing a “black box of selling” in which they didn’t have any clarity around their sales process — what was working or not, or what they could focus on to optimize messaging. Paul Snelson, TouchBistro’s VP of Sales, wanted to turn things around, and ultimately selected Gong for a “coaching-first approach.”

After making the most out of several of Gong’s features, such as trackers, topics, and libraries, what really provided Paul with “next level insights for sales and sales managers” is Gong’s Deal Intelligence.

“Deal Intelligence has been completely game-changing for us to be able to get the view of pipeline and activities,” he shares, and is proud to state that TouchBistro has seen “a dramatic lift in our lead to opportunity conversion rate” and “consistent improvement in our attainment rate for all the reps.”

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