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Egnyte Streamlines Customer Success Management


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Content Services and Collaboration Software

The Challenge

An important aspect of any organization's growth is a company's ability to retain and renew existing customers. That's why it's critical to have an efficient Customer Success team. Egnyte wanted to streamline its processes with Gong in order to boost customer loyalty, improve retention, reduce churn, improve revenue and make customers happier and more successful with their product.

The Outcome

Working with Gong has allowed Egnyte to be more efficient in their Customer Success team's engagement with customers after business reviews, cadence calls, etc. It allows its CSMs to drill into what the customer is saying and do the follow-up that is necessary.

Gong: From a Sales Tool to a Customer Success Tool

Egnyte is a software company that provides a cloud platform for enterprise file synchronization and sharing as well as content and data governance for business customers.

According to Egnyte’s Customer Success Manager, Tammy Baxter, Gong was originally thought of as a sales tool. “So our sales enablement brought Gong on board for the sales team for SDRs primarily, but also for across the entire sales org. Our sales enablement manager, Ray King, was showing me Gong and talking about it, and then asked ‘Hey, would the CSMs like to try it?’ So we were able to get a trial for our team to start with. And we loved it.”

Tammy shares, “That was really a big moment for me where I was just like ‘My gosh. There’s so many ways that this is going to make my life and my team’s lives more efficient.‘”

Listen, Learn, and Prevent Churn

After bringing Gong on to her CS team, Tammy has found value in the:

  1. Infinite memory for calls and emails for the account lifecycle;
  2. Alerts that serve up leading indicators of churn;
  3. Ability to uncover upsell opportunities and growth; and
  4. True voice of the customer, captured in Gong calls.

“Working with Gong has allowed us to be more efficient in our follow ups with customers after business reviews, cadence calls, etc.” Tammy enthuses, “It allows us to really drill into what the customer is saying —what’s important to them — and really do the follow up that’s necessary.

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