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HubSpot Reps Increase Productivity and Ramp Faster with Gong

Learn how Hubspot uses Gong to know which training programs are working, ramp reps faster, and build a culture of coaching and development.

The Complete Coaching Solution for Sales Leaders

Learn how Gong can help you build a culture of complete coaching. Comprehensive. Consistent. Customized. Effective.

Gong + Genesys: Improved Win Rates and Time to Close

Learn how Genesys achieved a 50% increase in win rates and 38% reduction in opportunity time to close with Revenue Intelligence from Gong.

The Life of a Senior Account Executive

Learn how an Enterprise Account Executive at ThoughtSpot uses Gong to streamline notetaking, uplevel deal reviews, and collaborate cross-functionally for a unified sales message and cycle.

Companies that employ Revenue Intelligence are 2x more likely to significantly outperform their revenue targets.

How does Revenue Intelligence drive transformational growth for leading organizations? In this report, you will learn how:

  • The rise of the B2B consumer changes everything about selling
  • Incomplete customer insights break customer experiences, leading to waste
  • Committing to Revenue Intelligence drives better customer and business outcomes

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