The Complete Coaching Solution for Sales Leaders

Make coaching your secret sauce to outsized results

Coaching has to change in this remote environment

82% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely some of the time.
*source: Gartner

Sales managers can’t overhear sales conversations

Teams are distributed and can’t learn through ‘osmosis’

Technology and logistics can get in the way

What if you could develop a culture of complete coaching?


Provide complete visibility of success drivers and coaching moments

  • Visibility of skill gaps across all customer interactions across opportunities
  • Identify team-wide patterns of success and areas for development
  • Surface areas for coaching you didn’t think to ask



Make it easy for managers to coach & hold them accountable for follow through

  • Proactively surface coaching moments within a manager’s daily workflow
  • Enable reps to proactively request and receive timely feedback
  • Provide sales leadership visibility into consistency of coaching across managers

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Adapt coaching based on individual learning styles & preferences

  • Receive customized notifications on who needs coaching
  • Get personalized coaching recommendations per rep 
  • Offer a variety of options in how to deliver feedback

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An effective culture of coaching leads to outsized results


Higher win rates


Faster time to close

30 day

Lowered ramp times

As a brand new manager in 2020, and having implemented Gong within my first 90 days, it will forever be the way I coach my salespeople. We really value a coaching culture at my company and this is the tool that helps make that a reality.

Kayla Jones Sales Manager