For Sales Enablement

Maximize Revenue Per Rep and Accelerate Onboarding
Ramp Time

Conversation intelligence technology helps sales enablement professionals maximize sales productivity and ramp new hires faster by recording, transcribing, and analyzing every sales call.

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Natalie Lebow

“The best thing about Gong is that I can help coach my colleagues and reps when I’m on the go, commuting to and from work, or when I get a few minutes during the day. So I’m able to be ‘always on’.”

Natalie Lebow Sales Productivity Manager, Greenhouse Software

Key benefits

Time-Efficient Call Coaching

Be in 10 places at once from a training perspective by reviewing calls on-demand, in minutes instead of hours. Streamline your workflow from finding calls to giving feedback.

Call Coaching
Training Needs

Identify True Training Needs

Ensure your classroom sessions are rooted in reality by pinpointing the sales teamʼs true areas of improvement with the data and facts that only visibility into sales conversations can provide.

Training Needs

Ensure Training is Adopted in the Field

Make sure the sales team adopts your training in a live environment. Prevent them from reverting back to old behavior and habits by making sales conversations visible and measurable.

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Accelerate Onboarding Ramp Time

Reduce velocity to full quota by giving new hires a “highlight reel” of your teamʼs best calls and demos so they can understand what “good” sounds like at every stage of the sales cycle.

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Personalize Coaching Feedback at Scale

Identify each repʼs individual coaching needs with surgical precision using data. Deliver the kind of rich, personalized feedback each rep needs to exceed quota.

Coaching Feedback

Keep Your Team “Sales-Ready”

Keep your reps up to date on what to sell and how to sell by keeping tabs on frontline sales conversations. Get early warning signs on how the competition comes up on calls to ensure your reps are never flat-footed.


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