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Impact Cultivates a Sales Culture of Collaboration and Improvement

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The challenge

Impact was looking to improve the level of transparency of how their reps were conducting their phone calls. They wanted to better onboard new employees, enable them to ramp faster, and improve ongoing call coaching.

The outcome

With Gong, Impact’s salespeople now have a clear vision of the needs of their clients and prospects. It has allowed them to be more self-reflective and to continue to improve their own performance.


Santa Barbara, CA






Partnership Software

A New Culture of Collaboration

Impact transforms the way enterprises manage and optimize all types of partnerships. Their Partnership Cloud is an integrated end-to-end solution for managing an enterprise’s partnerships across the entire partner life cycle to activate rapid growth.

They were in search for a solution that could provide more clarity around what reps were saying in their calls, so they could provide a better onboarding experience for new salespeople to help them ramp faster, and to also improve the company’s overall coaching processes.

Since getting Gong, they’ve improved coaching through feedback and call libraries, informed coaching priorities with Gong data and analytics, and gained clarity on customer needs and personal areas of improvement.

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