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How Auvik created Its a-team with Gong

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The challenge

As Auvik grew, Sales leadership had a hard time scaling rep coaching, impacting team performance.

The outcome

Auvik now uses data and insights from Gong to drive coaching strategies and increase the number of top performers on its sales team.


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We believe in force multiplication. Our managers now measure their results daily with scorecards. They improve the entire team’s performance by observing behavior, providing feedback, measuring again, and repeating the process. If managers aren’t comfortable giving feedback, Beat makes it easier by providing them with the data they need to have productive conversations with their team.
Rob Auld
SVP Sales, Auvik Networks

When networks don’t work, cloud-based businesses grind to a halt and those businesses immediately call their IT managed service provider (MSP). Auvik tells MSPs about network issues before clients know anything has happened, so everything runs smoothly. Always. Auvik’s cloud-based software turns complex network management into simple, automated steps.

Scaling Coaching in a hyper-growth environment

Auvik was growing fast. Rob Auld, Auvik’s SVP of Sales, was responsible for scaling the organization globally. As they entered hyper-growth, running a large team with bigger deals created new challenges for Auvik. Rob knew he needed to improve manager coaching in ways that were scalable. He also wanted to identify and support key deals so reps could close them and learn skills to become A-players.

Before he used Gong, Rob had no way of measuring the quantity or quality of his managers’ coaching. Nor did he have visibility into his team’s interactions with prospects and customers. He had to run skip meetings to find out whether training and deal-specific coaching reached the reps. That wasn’t efficient and wouldn’t scale with the organization.

Even coaches need coaching

Today, Gong’s Deal Intelligence capabilities keep Rob and his team on top of every must-win opportunity. Gong sends Rob alerts when risky conversations happen in key deals, especially ones that are deep in the funnel. Rob can combine this data with information from his CRM to get alerted during key events … like when a late-stage deal is about to go bust. By quickly understanding the context between the prospect and an AE, Rob can coach them in the moment, so they’re responsive, close more deals, and learn something valuable in the process.

Gong also tells Rob whether his frontline sales managers provide effective guidance. How? It measures the quantity and quality of their coaching. Rob can quickly identify the topics that winning managers discuss and use that information to help other managers who struggle to coach their teams.

”With Gong, our managers turn B and C reps into A-level reps using objective data on lifecycle management. The way we use Beat is now standardized across the entire sales team. We leverage it to improve forecasting and deal success, and we implement robust scorecards that keep us all on track. Gong lets us change the playbook on how we engage with our prospects. In short, our reps close more deals.”

Making Auvik customer-centric

The Product Marketing team has embraced Gong and regularly leverages its insights to tailor their messaging to their audience, so they have the right product/market and product/message fit. The Technology team uses Gong to better understand feedback when customers report a bug or create a feature request. Gong helps bring the team closer to the customer, so they’re sure the solutions they build meet customer needs.

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