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Fast-growing Rootly sees 67% increase in rep productivity thanks to early investment in Gong

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increase in rep productivity
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The challenge

Up against ambitious goals, JJ Tang, CEO and Co-founder at Rootly, needed to onboard reps faster. With a growing team, JJ wanted a better way to share information and facilitate strategic decision-making across the organization.

The outcome

The Rootly team turned to the Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform to improve rep productivity. As a result, they’ve seen a 13% increase in competitive win rates, and a 67% increase in deals per rep.


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F1 drivers aren’t the only ones picking up speed. Last year, the team at Rootly, an incident response management platform, stepped on the gas and grew the business by 500%. Today Rootly has hundreds of customers like Tripadvisor, Squarespace, and Figma. 

“In the last year, we’ve been focused on scaling the business, and a lot of that comes down to bringing on new people, and new people need to be ramped quickly,” shares JJ Tang, CEO and Co-founder at Rootly. 

JJ and the Rootly team rely on the Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform to drive faster ramp times and better business outcomes. In fact, using Gong to streamline productivity has increased the team’s competitive win rates by 13% and deals per rep by 67%.

As a CEO, I’ve been focused on how we accelerate and scale. Gong is essential in ramping my growing team faster, getting deeper marketing insights, and making informed business decisions.

JJ Tang, CEO and Co-Founder at Rootly

Breaking down silos to build efficiency

Looking for a better way to share information across the growing organization, JJ turned to Gong. Using the revenue intelligence technology, the Rootly team records and stores all internal and external conversations in one place. Having a single source of truth drives alignment across departments and enables the team to better serve their prospects and customers.

“Gong has really helped us cut across silos,” shares JJ. 

Team members are no longer reliant on their memory or notes to execute critical business initiatives, leading to more effective work. “We don’t make errors at the same rate as we used to. Now everyone from product to sales to customer success can prioritize the tasks that will bring the most value to the company,” shares JJ.

The team’s implementation of Gong has made a major impact on knowledge sharing, especially as early-adopters. “You have to invest in Gong early to pay dividends later,” shares JJ. He believes the platform is foundational to any high-growth business. 

Fast-growing companies should invest in Gong before they invest in Salesforce.  It’s essential for getting the business insights leaders need.

JJ Tang, CEO and Co-Founder at Rootly

Competitive insights increase win rates by 13%

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity and incident response management, access to timely competitive intel is critical. With insights from all conversations in one place, the Rootly team brought their competitive strategy into a new age and increased competitive win rates by 13%.

JJ and his team use Gong’s market insights to track competitor mentions and learn who they’re up against. With access to in-depth conversation summaries, Rootly’s teams are able to learn about competitors’ features and functionality, and how their products are perceived in the market.

These data-backed insights fuel the creation of go-to-market playbooks, and keep the team one step ahead of the competition. Reps are able to plant landmines against the competition and handle any objections thrown their way during prospect and customer interactions. 

A more equipped team has led to more closed deals, and more money for the business.

More efficient processes lead to a 67% increase in deals per rep

In addition to capturing competitive insights, the team at Rootly uses Gong to make new and existing sellers more efficient.

By using Gong’s library of insights and snackable, AI-generated summaries, Rootly onboards reps 3x as quickly, which has helped them achieve their ambitious growth goals. “We’re not in the type of business where a person can ramp over four or five months. We need them to be doing their job in the first three weeks,” says JJ. 

“Gong AI does a great job of summarizing key points, so it makes onboarding super, super quick.” – JJ Tang, CEO and Co-Founder at Rootly

Access to a deep repository of customer interaction history enables all reps, regardless of tenure, to see what’s working well and what isn’t. Rootly reps rely on Gong AI to help them quickly identify pain points and next steps so they can close more deals.

The Rootly team also uses Gong to turn trial users into happy, paying customers. Using insights from past interactions, the Rootly team puts together a “brag document” for each trial user. They reference positive sentiments mentioned during their trial to help push the deal forward when it comes time for the final evaluation. This data-driven approach has led to more productive conversations and more revenue.

The results speak for themselves: using Gong to gather insights across the buyer journey has resulted in a 67% increase in deals per rep.

Rootly is off to the races

Using Gong to share information, gather competitive insights, and onboard reps faster has helped JJ and the team bring on exciting new customers. And they’re just getting started; the Rootly team is still gaining momentum and finding new ways to streamline operations and enhance productivity with Gong. 

JJ is confident in his decision to bring Gong into their tech stack — his only regret was not doing it sooner.

Gong is the best piece of software I bought last year. It instantly changed the way we worked and supercharged our productivity. My only regret was not switching from earlier.

JJ Tang, CEO and Co-founder at Rootly

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