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Hello, new reality: How Jellyvision uses Gong to keep its team enabled and engaged

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The challenge

Jellyvision wanted to ensure that its team remained enabled and engaged after going remote during the global pandemic in 2020.

The outcome

Gong has helped maintain the fun, engaging atmosphere that Jellyvision already had at their actual physical location and allowed for that to continue in this new asynchronous remote working lifestyle.


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Keeping the Team Engaged

‘What is this sorcery — this witchcraft that you all have plugged in?’

That’s what the new hires at Jellyvision asked of Brian Collins, the Director of Revenue Strategy & Enablement at Jellyvision, when they first learned about Gong.

But let’s take a step back, shall we?

Jellyvision is an award-winning technology company whose interactive software talks people through important, complex, and potentially snooze-inducing life decisions — like choosing a healthcare insurance plan, saving for retirement, or navigating a leave of absence — in simple, fun, and engaging ways.

When the company was forced to go remote due to the global pandemic of 2020, a question its leaders asked themselves is, “How do we take a really strong culture and make sure that doesn’t dissipate just because we’re remote?”

Enter, Gong.

In line with the vibrant culture at the company, Jellyvision decided to be more creative with their Gong usage. Brian shares that “Gong has been incredibly helpful in adding gamification elements and creating a fun culture and atmosphere.

After going remote, Jellyvision has not only used Gong for improving the new hire onboarding experience, but they’re also using the platform for a monthly competition among their account executives.

“And so far we’ve had great results,” confirms a satisfied Brian.

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