Hear.com Improves High Volume Sales Call Effectiveness with Gong

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Medical Technology

The Challenge

As Hear.com was growing quickly, they wanted to have a greater understanding about what their sales team was really talking about and the ability to analyze their customer interactions.

The Outcome

With Gong, Hear.com has improved their coaching and has "gotten smarter" about how they approach their sales calls.

Hear.com is the fastest-growing hearing care company globally. They are driven by their belief that every person should hear well to live well.

But aside from hearing, Hear.com wanted to improve their sales team’s listening.

With Gong, their sales leadership is able to better listen and analyze their team’s calls to look for ways to improve coaching and the way the team approaches the market.

Veit Albert, the VP of Sales at Hear.com says, “If you want to get smarter about what your sales reps are saying on the phone — how you want to improve — you need Gong to get these insights.”

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