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Hello, new reality: How WalkMe uses Gong to add visibility around their deals

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The challenge

WalkMe wanted to get visibility around their deals in the remote-first environment unique to 2020.

The outcome

Gong provided WalkMe with an additional level of visibility and assurance that the company’s AEs are doing what they’re telling their leadership team and that they’re still providing best practices to customers.


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Adding Visibility Around Deals

WalkMe was founded in 2011 as a guidance and navigation tool and has since grown rapidly to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

And then suddenly in 2020 — much of the world was forced into a remote work environment due to a global pandemic — and WalkMe was no exception.

Regarding the big shift, Aliisa Rosenthal, VP of Sales at WalkMe admitted that initially she “didn’t feel as looped into the deals” as she normally did. The remedy? “I actually found Gong’s new Deals feature really helpful for that.”

“I’m using Gong from a pipeline perspective, primarily using the Deals tab. It’s how I started my morning probably every day for the last week leading up to the end of the quarter— just opening up deals,” shared Aliisa, “Now that we’re remote, Gong has provided me with an additional level of visibility and comfort that my AEs are doing what they’re telling me and that we’re still providing best practices to our customers.”

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