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BairesDev is 7x more productive at strategic decision-making with Gong.

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The challenge

Having insights related to its prospects’ objections, customer satisfaction, inefficiencies, the competitive landscape, market trends, and more is critical for BairesDev’s growth and longevity. Finding these meant wading through a sea of disconnected Zoom recordings, Google Sheets, and dashboards — a manual, weeks-long process. It was impossible to deliver real-time guidance to reps and client services. It was also impossible to quickly respond to shifts in the market.

The outcome

BairesDev responds to market insights in record time. Gong is helping drive efficiency, revenue growth, and better decisions. It makes constant tweaks to onboarding, training, and sales processes. Ops leaders and customer-facing teams now see keyword trends and outliers daily in one place. They know what top performers do better and how to nudge others toward the same results. Experiencing Gong’s value, BairesDev now uses it for innovative use cases in areas like talent acquisition and sourcing venture capital partners.


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If you’re a senior leader in revenue operations, your brain is always running scenarios. 

You’re constantly considering how to grow revenue with existing customers while locking in new ones. Monika Owczarek is the VP of Strategic Sales Processes at BairesDev and she’s just like you. 

“My job is to look across the entire business to drive growth. Gong is an essential part of that by helping us understand the interactions we’re having with leads and clients.”

See if you can steal a page out of BairesDev’s RevOps playbook. 

Innovative tech companies need cutting-edge systems

BairesDev is a global software development and staffing company with over 4,000 engineers in 50+ countries. It matches software developers with clients all over the world and supplies the top 1% of tech talent in the Americas.

But it couldn’t get automated data-backed insights from all its customer interactions, in one platform. With more clarity around a prospect’s unique pain points and objections, it suspected it could significantly improve win rates. Similarly, it felt that automating analysis of calls with existing customers would reveal opportunities to improve quality and therefore, drive better retention and growth. It wasn’t wrong.  

Choosing to always be at the front of the AI wave

Like everyone, these days Monika is paying close attention to what’s happening with AI. She knows it will help BairesDev solve challenges in ways it can’t even predict right now. Part of her company’s competitive advantage will come from adopting and experimenting with the new tech. So, when Monika decided to bring on revenue intelligence software, it had to be with a company that’s always been AI-first. 

BairesDev chose Gong for its powerful automation, AI models, and exceptional support. As the industry leader in revenue intelligence, Monika says BairesDev felt Gong would always be ahead of the rest. 

“Gong is at the forefront of AI development. It’s innovating and adapting the product and capabilities to fit the needs of different businesses. We know this will shape our processes and define how we operate in the future.”

Mountains of manual reporting? Gone with Gong

BairesDev’s sales and client services teams were the first to praise Gong’s benefits. 

Before adopting Gong, leaders manually reviewed transcripts from Zoom calls to uncover business insights. This was hugely time-consuming which meant sometimes, other priorities took over. Moreover, each leader’s distinct approach meant that gauging team performance and sizing market opportunities lacked consistency. 

Monika credits Gong with helping to more accurately predict revenue by capturing comprehensive insights in an automated way. Gong also reveals what BairesDev’s top performers do differently. Every week it finds trends in calls by team and by rep. These shape the types of training it delivers and how it adapts to market forces.

“The data from Gong helps us make strategic decisions about our processes, our people, and how to adapt to the marketplace.

We now see trends and what’s happening in the economy as a whole in terms of what’s important to our clients or our prospects and then being able to react based on that information.”

Thanks to Gong’s rich, unified data, BairesDev’s revenue team is 7x more efficient with reporting.

Better handoffs mean better client retention and growth

One of the more impactful outcomes of BairesDev using Gong is the customer interaction dataset that supports cross-team visibility, collaboration, and alignment. 

Why? A pivotal moment in a customer’s journey is when they transition from sales to client services. Built over many conversations, sales intimately understands the customer’s unique situation — their pains, fears, and goals. It’s easy for this understanding to get lost during a handoff. 

Not anymore. Gong’s generative AI gives everyone understanding of customer context with at-a-glance summaries in every conversation. Teams can start acting on critical insights from customer interactions right away. Monika says sales and client services are working more closely together and the result is clear! BairesDev proves the benefit of using Gong across their business.

By replacing manual effort with automation using Gong and gaining 7x the speed of finding insights, BairesDev started asking “where else can we use this software?” It quickly applied Gong’s power in unexpected ways. 

Now, it’s proving that you can even use Gong to hire your next superstar. Today, BairesDev’s talent acquisition specialists rely on Gong to unearth valuable insights from interview calls with potential employees. Gong has helped them drive consistency in interview quality to create a better quality hiring experience.

In its venture capital arm, Gong delivers AI-driven insights to improve investment outcomes. For example, Gong captures interactions with potential partners and provides insights into the quality of conversations, leading to informed decision-making, faster due diligence, risk mitigation, and improved portfolio management.  What a win!

Once you have Gong, you’ll unleash its power across every facet of your business too.

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