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You May Leverage Data, But Here’s How to Know You’re a Truly Data-Driven Organization

By Kelly Breslin Wright, February 15, 2022

Not even 20 years ago, “collecting data” was something few companies did. Nowadays, people talk about everything they will do with big data. But back then, companies didn’t even care about small data. Data is exploding. And it’s becoming more complex and diverse by the day. With the explosion of the internet, ever-growing points of […]

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Sales Managers: The Software Stack To Turbocharge Your Team in 2022

By Jonathan Costet, January 31, 2022

While the exact list depends on who you ask, the following (alphabetized) traits are all critical for a sales manager: Able to coach, analytical, available, confident, empathetic, good listener, innovative, leads by example, loyal, motivating, passionate, positive attitude, serves vs. dictates, strategic vision, strong communicator, and thoughtful. However, checking off most (or all!) of the […]

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Why (And How) To Continually Break And Adapt Your Company’s GTM Model As You Grow

By Craig Hanson, December 21, 2021

If you don’t break your GTM model, your growth will. In their initial stage of growth, most CEOs, CROs and CMOs expect that if they can crack the code on their company’s go-to-market (GTM) model — product-market fit, ideal customer profile, differentiated value, market positioning, and sales model — then they can just focus on executing […]

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