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The Golden Gong Awards: Submit your accomplishments and share your story

By Trish Bautista, December 13, 2022

Our third annual Golden Gong awards are officially open!  This is an opportunity to share your accomplishments this year with your peers and the revenue intelligence community. With eight categories to choose from, there’s a lot to think about when putting together your application (or applications—yes, you can enter more than one category!).  The categories […]

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Introducing Generation 3 Conversation Understanding

By Eilon Reshef, October 19, 2022

I’m excited to introduce Gong Smart Trackers—the first user-trainable system that goes beyond keyword recognition to understand the context of all your customer conversations. This changes the landscape of Revenue Intelligence, by enabling companies to better detect deal risk, quantitatively track adoption of strategic initiatives, and more. Generation 1 Tech: Audio/Video When Amit Bendov and […]

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When You Give Customers A Reason to Master Your Product, Everyone Wins-Here’s Why

By Eran Aloni, June 24, 2022

Providing a product is not enough. You need to enable your customers to master it. Google’s Adwords certification was a game-changer for advertising careers. Why? Because it enabled users to wield Adwords with mastery—not just proficiency. There’s a world of difference between proficiency and mastery. Adwords created masters, leveled up careers, and let employers see […]

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#BelongAtGong: Our annual update on DEI and belonging

By Sandi Kochhar, May 24, 2022

We are passionate about our mission to unlock reality to help people and companies reach their full potential. We are proud of the revenue intelligence category and The Reality Platform™ we’ve built. We love that we have raving fans.   As the Chief People Officer at Gong, it’s imperative to me that all employees feel valued, […]

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You May Leverage Data, But Here’s How to Know You’re a Truly Data-Driven Organization

By Kelly Breslin Wright, February 15, 2022

Not even 20 years ago, “collecting data” was something few companies did. Nowadays, people talk about everything they will do with big data. But back then, companies didn’t even care about small data. Data is exploding. And it’s becoming more complex and diverse by the day. With the explosion of the internet, ever-growing points of […]

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We Just Got Tickets to the Big Game

By Lee Mincy, February 12, 2022

Gong, the reality platform leveraging artificial intelligence to transform revenue and customer-facing teams, today revealed the sound of success – understandable in any language – in a new commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. The spot, highlighting Gong’s ability to help businesses increase sales, is running (loudly) on NBC and on social media, […]

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The 3 Stories Every Company Should Know And Share Often

By Kelly Breslin Wright, January 11, 2022

Most companies’ narratives revolve around products, features, and value propositions.  And while those are definitely important, there’s a much bigger opportunity to build emotional connections. When you think about category-defining companies, they’re overwhelmingly the ones who engage their customers’ emotions through storytelling. Throughout my leadership career, I’ve held countless sales kickoffs, all-hands meetings, and keynotes. […]

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Create A Winning Company Culture By Perfecting These 2 Elements

By Kelly Breslin Wright, November 23, 2021

A great culture doesn’t just happen — it’s built through care and intention. Great company cultures require intentional effort.  Culture is cultivated and groomed, not just at the top, but at every level of an organization. Leaders often place focused attention on their strategic priorities, but they don’t always apply the same intentionality to building company […]

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Introducing Gong’s New Visual Identity

By Udi Ledergor, October 6, 2021

Few things are as comforting as the presence of a dog in the workplace. Dogs greet you at the door, humor you in the conference room, nuzzle you at your desk. They roam the halls like zombies in search of a quick morsel, a friendly glance, a belly rub. Ya, having dogs at work somehow […]

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