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Hear from Dave Greenberg, Sr. DVP, Major Accounts how Gong has helped ADP's field sales team.

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The Amazon Call Library

With the Library you can access the “best of” calls from across your team. Listen to a full sales cycle from your team’s strongest rep. Share a killer discovery or demo call.

Data You Can Use

Visit the Stats page to understand how your team is interacting with customers. From patience to topics discussed, your stats will help you make every call better than your last.

Gong Academy

Welcome! Whether you’re new to Gong or a seasoned user, Gong Academy has tips for you. Select your role (Revenue Professional, Frontline Manager, Administrator) to get started.

Big Gong Hits

Hear what these Amazon all-stars have to say about using Gong.

“Gong allowed my manager and sales coaches to give me critical feedback on my calls and learn best practices from top-performing peers at AB.  I gained confidence in product knowledge and crushed my yearly quota!”

– Hannah Teschler, US Mid-Market Commercial rep

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“As a new manager in Amazon this have been a great tool and had helped me a lot with the ramp up, allowing me to provide feedback and areas of improvement to the CA helping me winning their trust in a more organic way.  Love this tool!”

– Raquel Gomez, Sales Manager

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“We can easily onboard a new CA joining the team by having them review our successful pitches.”  – Samy Nouchy, FR SMB rep

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“Without Gong, I would not have known to pitch SSO as a solution, which resulted in 5x more users added than forecasted.”

– Cheryl MacElhaney, US Mid-Market Commercial rep

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How Gong Uses Gong

Learn how Jared Nielsen, Account Executive, uses Gong to manage prospect follow-up, track progress on deals, collaborate with teammates, and more.


Hand-picked resources for Amazon

3 powerful tactics to build rapport

There’s a long list of the changes we’ve all experienced in 2020 and 2021, but one thing remains: building relationships is a top priority. Learn from the data the top 3 ways to build rapport, even over video.

How to become a legendary sales coach with data

Coaching wins championships. This data-driven article tells you how to become a legendary sales coach for your team.

The life of a senior account executive

Learn how an Enterprise Account Executive at ThoughtSpot uses Gong to streamline notetaking, uplevel deal reviews, and collaborate cross-functionally with SDRs and sales engineers.

How video REALLY impacts remote sales

Spoiler alert: Winning reps sell with video. Learn why deals are 127% more likely to close when video is used during the sales process.

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Learn how to get started, best practices, and to see what’s new with Gong!

Why sellers love Gong

3 Sales Reps from 3 Companies Share Why They Love Gong


Did you know Gong can...

Complete Launch Deal Board

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On the go? Get the Gong Mobile App

With the Gong Mobile App, you can listen to calls wherever you are, whether you’re in a coverage area or not (offline listening is supported!). You can also use the app to record any ad hoc face-to-face meetings.

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Learn how Gong can produce up to a 481% ROI with a less than 6 month payback period

How does Gong drive value and growth for leading B2B organizations? Gong commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment enterprises may realize by deploying the Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform. 

In this study, you’ll learn how Gong can help you: 

  • Increase incremental profit
  • Drive speed and productivity 
  • Have better business outcomes

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