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Sales Acceleration Software: Gain Actionable Insights to IMprove PIpeline

Turbocharge your sales pipeline with sales acceleration software. Sales AI and machine learning analyzes your conversations to discover at-risk deals and identify the best ways to move deals forward. It’s the AI-driven tool your sales team needs to move forward faster.

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What is sales Acceleration software?

Sales acceleration software provides a platform for analyzing the effectiveness of sales strategies. It also serves a central hub for sales enablement resources, and is especially beneficial for onboarding new reps, enhancing quota achievement.

While many sales acceleration tools offer just a searchable content database, top-tier platforms use actionable data to generate strategies that improve sales pipelines. They focus on crucial KPIs like win rates, stage conversions, and adherence to sales methodologies.

This advanced approach not only supplies teams with essential resources but also arms them with, crucial for optimizing sales processes and driving improved outcomes.

Why Invest in SAles Acceleration Software?

Sales acceleration software maximizes your sales revenue by automating your reps’ non-selling activities and streamlining the sales process to create forecasts with pinpoint accuracy.

Qualify and prioritize your leads:

Not every prospect is a good fit. With custom lead scoring models and automated lead routing, your sales team can focus on the most qualified prospects.

Track sales engagement in real time

Learn what messaging resonates with your buyers so you can replicate what works (and update what doesn’t).  Know which opportunities you can confidently roll up in your forecast and make informed budgeting decisions.

Personalize your sales interactions:

Not every prospect is a good fit. With custom lead scoring models and automated lead routing, your sales team can focus on the most qualified prospects.

View sales activities across your team’s pipeline:

Determine which deals in your team’s pipeline are on track to close and which ones are at risk of slipping. By identifying at-risk deals, you can step in and coach your sales reps to get them back on track.

Top Benefits of Sales Acceleration Software

Sales Call Insights

Sales acceleration software captures and records buyer-facing interactions. AI-generated insights help you understand the specific actions that led to more closed-won deals.

Minimize Pipeline Risk

Highlight at-risk deals in your sales pipeline and take steps to recover them. No recent activities, no mention of pricing, and no involvement from key decision-makers are signs a deal is slipping away.

Talk Track Improvement

Set up trackers and automatically receive alerts when certain words or phrases are mentioned in a call. Use these alerts to measure talk track adoption and test new messaging.

Improve Sales Follow-Up

Analyze buyer interactions and recommends personalized next steps to keep deals moving toward the finish line. Plus, integrate with Slack to receive notifications in your channels.

Sales Managers Love Using Sales Acceleration Software

voice of the customer software


Help your sales team stay on task

Gong records and transcribes all interactions so your reps can focus on calls without being distracted by note-taking. A list of actionable to-dos, like follow-up alerts, help your reps stay on top of each deal.


Identify at-risk deals.

Whether it’s the end of the month or quarter, your reps need to know where to focus their attention. Gong highlights at-risk deals so your reps can address them before it’s too late.

Reason #3

Automate tedious stuff.

Gong not only delivers personalized next steps but also aids productivity. Instead of reminding your sales team to send a follow-up email, Gong will automatically draft the email for them to send. 

Reason #4

Keep a pulse on your pipelines.

Flexible deal boards give you a bird’s-eye view of every deal. This visibility enables you to accelerate pipeline reviews and know which deals are on track to being closed-won.

Reason #5

Turn sales data into coachable moments for reps.

Get visibility into the areas your reps struggle with during calls and close skills gaps with personalized coaching.

Reason #6

Upgrade your tech stack.

Gong integrates with your favorite tools, from Salesforce and HubSpot to Slack and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Accelerate your workflows with integrations for more than 1,000 enterprise applications.

How Sales Intelligence Software Helps Sales Teams Close More Deals

Understand which deals are on track to close and which ones are at risk of slipping away. Integrate with your favorite apps and automate administrative tasks to boost your team’s productivity.


Imagine if you could pinpoint the behaviors that result in more closed-won deals. With Gong, you don’t have to. Gong’s sales software helps you understand what your top performers are doing so you can replicate their playbook and augment your coaching.

Deal execution

No more second-guessing. Identify roadblocks in your team’s pipeline, and strategize with each sales rep to overcome those challenges with data-backed insights.


Don’t let “hunches” or gut instincts dictate your forecasts. Our powerful AI analyzes each buyer interaction and helps you identify which deals to include in your forecast.

Top-Rated Sales Acceleration Software

Customers across industries, geographies, and sizes trust Gong to drive revenue.

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Engage customers, accelerate sales, forecast accurately, and improve team productivity, all in one revenue intelligence platform.

Your Sales Team’s New Favorite Tool for Accelerating Pipeline.

Our sales acceleration software not only records every interaction—every call, email, web conference, or otherwise—but performs deep analysis of those interactions on an ongoing basis. Discover what our customers say.

Account Manager

Sales Enablement Manager

Sales Enablement Leadership

Account Manager

Sales Enablement Manager

Sales Enablement Leadership

Gong allowed our teams to constantly improve our processes and the way we approach clients. We have a culture of learning from one another and Gong enables that for us.
Amir Mizrachi
Account Manager,
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Gong allowed our teams to constantly improve our processes and the way we approach clients. We have a culture of learning from one another and Gong enables that for us.
Amir Mizrachi
Account Manager,
Read case study
Gong is hands down a quantum leap in sales enablement. It gives us the ability to identify best practices, identify where there’s room for coaching, and circulate best practices to reps who need them.
Mitchell Matsuo
Manager, Revenue Technology Enablement, Apptio

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It’s really important that we’re nimble in what we’re doing. Gong allows us to keep a real-life update of what’s happening so we can help coach our sales team, customer success team, SDR team, to adjust their talk track and how they can approach the market
Simon Kirk
VP of Sales Development and Enablement, CultureAmp

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Sales Acceleration Questions & Answers.

What is sales acceleration?

Sales acceleration is the set of strategies that a company implements into their sales process to move prospects through their pipeline more efficiently. Sales accelerator tools, like Gong, aid this process by providing actionable insights to help your salespeople close deals faster.

How does sales acceleration software work?

Sales acceleration software records interactions across phone, email, and video calls and turns them into searchable data. Gong AI analyzes these interactions and delivers personalized next steps to maintain deal momentum. It even automates parts of the sales process, like creating reminders to follow up with prospects. This allows your sales team to focus on higher-value work.

A traditional sales process without sales acceleration software like Gong is not nearly as streamlined. Without sales acceleration software, reps have to take their own notes during calls and manually log them into their CRM tool. They wouldn’t know which deals to focus on next or which ones are at risk. What’s more, sales managers only have a surface-level view of their team’s pipeline. These factors all contribute to longer sales cycles and less predictability in terms of closing deals.

What’s the difference between sales acceleration and sales enablement software?

Sales acceleration software is all about improving efficiency. By automating rudimentary tasks and receiving AI-backed insights, you can bring more deals across the finish line and crush your sales goals faster.

Sales enablement software is a type of software that provides your salespeople with the content and tools they need to sell more effectively. Examples include sales playbooks, sales documents, cold email templates, and competitor battle cards. These tools allow reps to close more deals.

Does Gong integrate with my CRM software?

Yes, Gong’s sales acceleration platform integrates with popular CRM platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Zendesk Sell. All of your sales activities are automatically logged into your sales CRM so your sales team can quickly search and analyze interactions without having to switch between platforms.

What data does Gong use to improve sales acceleration?

Gong captures and records data across phone, email, and video calls. Of course, we understand that data security is a concern for every company. We take extra steps to ensure your customer data is secure. This includes support for features like single sign-on (SSO) and granular data access permissions, as well as enhanced data protections that encrypt your data at rest and in transit. Visit our security page to learn more.

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