Hello, New Reality: How Gong Helps Apptio Keep Their Field Sales Team Engaged


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The Challenge

With the 2020 global pandemic forcing everyone to work remotely, Apptio sought to keep their field sales team engaged as they adjusted to an inside sales structure.

The Outcome

Gong gave Apptio the ability to coach their teams and to re-circulate best practice to reps in spite of the adjustment to a remote work environment.

I think one of the hardest things about having entirely remote sales force is it’s hard to maintain that sense of peer sharing and camaraderie,” admitted Mitchell Matsuo, a Revenue Enablement Consultant at Apptio.

Apptio is a software company that is purpose-built to help organizations cut costs, budget faster, and forecast continuously. While it already had a great system in place for remote employees, the global pandemic of 2020 made things more challenging.

Apptio’s field sales teams, accustomed to traveling to customer sites, had been forced to truly work remotely.


However, Apptio was able to better adjust by leveraging several features in the Gong platform, including comments, snippets, and the activity tab.

While the year has certainly been a rollercoaster, Mitchell is glad he has Gong to help out his team.

Gong is hands down the quantum leap in sales enablement. It’s the ability to identify the best practice. It’s the ability to identify room for coaching. And┬áit’s the ability to re-circulate best practice to reps who need it the most.”

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