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ThoughtSpot Leaves Behind “The Telephone Game” with Gong


Sunnyvale, CA



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Search & AI-driven Analytics

The Challenge

Note-taking for sales reps was a very manual process at ThoughtSpot before Gong. AEs used to have to go to conference rooms, turn on the speakerphone, and then record the calls on their mobile devices! They needed something that would help them be more efficient.

The Outcome

With Gong, ThoughtSpot got a plethora of benefits. Now the company's AEs use it for deal management, ramping, and collaboration among SDRs, AEs, and Sales Engineers.

Playing the “telephone game” is archaic, and ThoughtSpot needed a tool to become more efficient with rep note-taking.

By implementing Gong, they got all that and more. Patrick Clement, an Enterprise Account Executive at ThoughtSpot, shares “I think it takes about a year for most reps to really feel comfortable at a new company. To be able to have a tool like this and to be able to go listen to the best people, you can ramp up much faster as a rep.”

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