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Understanding Win Rates –
A Key to Sales Success


Win rate is a pivotal metric in sales, encapsulating the percentage of deals closed successfully compared to the total number dealt. This figure is not just a measure of success but a beacon guiding strategic decisions. Why is it so crucial? Because understanding your win rate can transform how you approach sales forecasting, team performance, and resource allocation.

What is a Win Rate?

At its core, a win rate measures efficiency and effectiveness. It’s calculated by dividing the number of won deals by the total deals closed (both won and lost). Sales organizations often break down win rates by different dimensions—be it by individual sales reps, teams, or different product lines—to pinpoint areas of strength and opportunity.

Importance of Win Rates

Win rates serve as a fundamental indicator of a sales team’s health and prowess. High win rates may reflect a well-targeted sales strategy and a compelling product or service offering, whereas lower win rates could signal misalignments or market challenges. Monitoring these rates helps in refining sales tactics and predicting future revenues, crucial for scaling operations and managing growth efficiently.

Win rate Data Points and Statistics from Gong Labs

Industry experts and quotes about win rates

Our win rate goes up significantly higher when we have a C-level involved. Usually a head of marketing, head of engineering, head of support. We also found out that if we involve four to five additional use cases, our win rate goes up even four to five times more over that.

Eric Gilpin, Chief Sales Officer, Upwork

Our close rate is much higher if we are adequately multithreaded within a deal. In fact, we win 58% of the deals where we have at least four contacts involved. If we have 10 calls or more with our prospects, our win rate is 63%, and even with five to nine calls, it’s 61%. It’s much higher when we’re having lots of conversations with lots of stakeholders.

Sarah Brazier, Account Executive, Gong


Improving win rates is about more than just enhancing numbers; it’s about building smarter, more strategic sales operations. With Gong’s cutting-edge analytics and real-time insights, sales teams are equipped to not only meet but surpass their performance goals.

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