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The Clear-Cut Sales Pipeline Template

Committed deals slipping? Shot-in-the-dark forecasting? Lost-in-the-weeds pipeline meetings? This is the antidote: This sales pipeline template has everything you need to turn your pipeline reviews into full-blown deal strategy sessions. Let’s dig in.

What you’ll learn
  • No-frills template
    This dead-simple sales pipeline template has everything you need to run better pipeline reviews (the kind that move deals along).
  • Ask these 7 questions
    Use these 7 questions to pressure test deals in your pipeline: Now you know why your team’s deals are in commit.
  • Elevate your pipeline reviews
    Move pipeline reviews from catch up – aka updating CRM out loud to each other – to strategy: Identifying gaps in pipeline, risks in deals, and finding a path to close.
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  • Where the problems are hiding
    Identify commit below quota and focus on where to make up for the gap. See where upside is much higher than commit:to strategize on how to move deals into commit. See where pipeline coverage is low and make a plan to bring in new customer deals.
  • Critical questions about pipeline
     If it’s not real—really real—then it doesn’t belong in the pipeline. But real pipeline isn’t an opinion, it’s based on the cold hard facts. So we compiled the seven questions to ask, including insights and stats on why these questions are so vital.
  • Strategy for better forecasting calls
    Elevate your next forecasting call with a snapshot of swing deals, WoW insights, big wins, and initiatives. It’s like a handy dashboard you can update weekly for your forecasting calls that’s sure to impress.
How to use the template
  • For sales managers
    Consolidate your rep’s weekly pipeline numbers and get an overview of your team’s progress to goal.
  • For sales reps
    Update weekly with high-level numbers and details on top deals in your pipeline to course-correct before it’s too late.
  • Bonus
    Prep your next forecasting call by taking information from your team’s pipeline review and presenting it to leadership.
What’s included in this template
  • Team pipeline snapshot
    Slides for managers to fill in and see Quota, Bookings quarter to date, Commit, and Upside for the team and broken down per rep.
  • Rep’s weekly pipeline
    Slides for each rep to fill in before each pipeline meeting, including Commit, Upside, Pipeline coverage, as well as status and next steps for any swing deals.
  • 7 Questions to level up pipeline reviews
    Give these seven important questions your full attention and you’ll quickly take opinion and blindspots out of your forecasting.

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in the template?

A: The template includes slides for managers to fill in for their team, which will include rep rollup, quarter-to-date progress, as well as a leadership slide to present team forecasts. The template also includes slides for each rep to fill in their pipeline numbers, key deal breakdown, and so on. When completed, the template should provide data that will help you identify (and course correct) top deal risks in your pipeline.

Does the sales pipeline template include excel spreadsheets?

A: Unlike our Sales Forecast Template, this template is used to run better pipeline review meetings with your team and help your reps de-risk their deals, own their pipeline, and strategize a path to closed-won. As such, the template is presented in Google Slides format. If you are looking for an excel spreadsheet template use this excel sales pipeline template.

How does the sales pipeline template work?

A: Once you open the file, you’ll find various slides, each containing templates and worksheets for managers and reps to update weekly. What’s neat about this particular template are the bonus insights.

For each of the seven questions, for example, you’ll get a Why it Matters statement. Here’s the “Why It Matters” for question 3 (did we discuss pricing?): “Win rates are highest when pricing is discussed on the first call — 10% higher. That’s because buyers are well aware of their budgets right now and don’t want to waste time window shopping.”
You’ll also get a bonus slide that you can fill out and use to run your next forecasting meeting.

How can I make my pipeline reviews more efficient?

A: Focus pipeline review on one area of opportunity (pipeline coverage too low across the team, strategize to move deals into commit, mapping a path to close for key deals, identify deal risks and potential pipeline impact).

What other resources do you have to help me with my funnel, sales pipeline, etc.?

A: Turns out, we make some pretty good Sales Pipeline Management software, so you’ll definitely want to give that a spin. In the meantime, here a few other resources that will help you manage your pipeline: 


Use this sales pipeline template to know what’s real/what’s not in your pipeline.

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