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Gong Forecast Surpasses 100 Customers in 100 Days as More Companies Turn to Reality-Based Forecasting

Palo Alto, CA, November 1, 2022 Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, today announced that its Gong Forecast product surpassed the 100-customer milestone. Gong Forecast, launched this summer, provides a complete picture of deal health and pipeline risk based on the actual substance of customer interactions, delivering breakthrough revenue predictability that helps sales leaders in today’s uncertain global economy. 

With Gong Forecast, sales teams have realized significant improvements in forecast accuracy and time spent forecasting, while decreasing labor-intensive tasks and reliance on spreadsheets and other tools with outdated information. Companies using Gong Forecast have reported up to a 93% improvement in forecast accuracy, 66% decrease in the amount of time spent forecasting and an 87% decrease in the number of sales reps using spreadsheets during the forecasting process.  

Gong Forecast delivers a single point of view for our reps to update all the information needed to advance deals and maintain pipeline health,” said Parth Thaker, Senior Director of Sales at Handshake. “As sales leaders, we get access to everything we need to pressure-test every single deal for incredible levels of transparency and accuracy in predicting where our deals are headed. We’ve maintained a high level of accuracy in forecasting, in a third of the time, creating alignment across our deals and helping our reps spend more time on the activities that lead to deal closures and revenue.”

“We developed Gong Forecast as part of our commitment to help customer-facing teams reach their full revenue potential by bringing the voice of the customer to every step of the sales process,” said Gong Co-Founder and CEO Amit Bendov. “We’re seeing incredible momentum for Gong Forecast as more companies seek to improve their forecasting accuracy and dramatically reduce the time and resources it normally takes to produce a forecast, especially in today’s economic climate. This is an important step forward in solidifying our position as the most valuable platform for customer-facing teams.”

Gong Forecast enables companies to improve their forecast accuracy by capturing and understanding, in real-time, what customers say, write, read, and engage with to truly understand deal health. It’s the first forecasting product to analyze the actual substance of customer interactions in addition to the frequency of interactions. Gong Forecast applies proprietary AI and machine learning technology to autonomously surface risky deals, see what has been forecasted, and understand the “why” behind any changes. With Gong Forecast, companies can easily identify what individual contributed to changes and inspect down to each customer interaction, driving alignment across the entire go-to-market organization. 

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Gong unlocks reality to help people and companies reach their full potential. The Gong Reality Platform™ autonomously empowers customer-facing teams to take advantage of their most valuable assets – customer interactions, which the Gong platform captures and analyzes. Gong then delivers insights at scale, enabling revenue and go-to-market teams to determine the best actions for repeatable winning outcomes. More than 3,000 innovative companies like LinkedIn, Morningstar Inc., Paychex, Shopify, Slack, Sprout Social, Twilio, and Zillow trust Gong to power their business reality. For more information, please visit


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