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Invoicing and Payment Policy

Purchase Orders:

We want to stress the importance of following proper business policies and procedures. Purchase Orders are necessary for our internal controls, and they are required for Accounts Payable to process invoices. Vendors must receive a Purchase Order Number from Gong’s procurement department before providing goods and services to Gong.

Invoices must contain the same details as the Purchase Order provided. 

Payments may be delayed if invoices cannot be matched up with corresponding Gong Purchase Orders and/or if details are incomplete.

Invoice Requirement:

Invoices must be sent to

Invoices must be sent in pdf format. 

To reduce the risks of late payments or invoice rejections, invoices must be in English, except

where local law requires local language, and the following information MUST be visible on

ALL invoices submitted by suppliers must include:

  • The relevant invoice date
  • Invoice number
  • The Purchase Order number
  • The Gong entity the invoice is being submitted to
  • Vendors’ full company name as it appears on the company’s certificate of incorporation
  • A Gong contact name and email address
  • Dates the goods/services were supplied 
  • A clear description that enable us to identify the goods/services provided
  • A clear breakdown of charges, including sales tax / VAT
  • Clear bank information for payment remittance


Please invoice us for any goods or services in a timely manner and in line with the contracting terms. We will not accept and or pay an invoice issued more than six months late.

Payment Terms:

If no discrepancies exist, payments will be made in accordance with the negotiated payment terms. If payment terms are unknown, Gong’s default payment terms are NET 45. 

Gong is not responsible for any bank charges relating to payments processed.

For any payment or invoicing issues, contact us at