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Shopify Creates a Learning Environment For Their Sales Team


Ottawa, Canada






Enterprise eCommerce

The Challenge

Shopify Plus was struggling to create efficiencies for their reps in how they were learning, how they were sharing learnings across the board, and how we were onboarding people efficiently.

The Outcome

Working with Gong has exponentially improved Shopify Plus's ability to build a learning environment for their sales team and empower their sales coaches to support reps in their development.

Shopify Plus Follows Their North Star: Providing an Exceptional Customer Experience

Shopify Plus is an enterprise eCommerce platform built for merchants focusing on expanding their business and selling at a high volume. One of their northstar pillars is providing an excellent customer experience — they believe if they focus on delivering the right merchant experience, quality predictable revenue will follow.

Shimona Mehta, the Head of EMEA at Shopify Plus, is convinced that their sales team is integral to providing this. “What’s really important for a sales rep are the skills of listening and empathy, and really understanding where the customers is at or the prospect is at,” she says.

Gong Streamlines Processes so Sales Coaches Can Focus on Skill Building

Gong was the perfect solution for Shopify Plus to allow their reps to be able to learn from each other, to be able to spend time dissecting their skills — rather than guessing that a call went well, they are empowered to actually listen to it and identify where they were great versus where they wanted to continue to hone their skills.”

Perfectly aligned with their culture of learning, Gong was able to help coaches and reps at Shopify Plus work together to improve their strengths as salespeople.

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