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ServiceTitan Gains Higher Close Rates with Gong for Deals


Glendale, CA






Software Platform for Contractors

The Challenge

ServiceTitan's priorities were to try to win as much new business as possible and develop the members of their team to make sure that they are as good as they can be in their function.

The Outcome

By using Gong's Deal Intelligence capabilities and scorecards, ServiceTitan was able to improve their new reps' time to productivity and improve the sales team's close rates.

ServiceTitan is the world’s leading all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses.

With Gong brought in as their source of truth for their sales team, ServiceTitan was able to:

  • Enhance coaching between managers and reps
  • Gain intelligence and visibility into the deal lifecycle
  • Improve messaging that maps solutions to pain points through scorecards

“I didn’t realize there were so many ways to investigate the way you hold a sales call. I mean it’s kind of a thing: You don’t know what you don’t know,” Billy Stein, the Sales Strategy and Operations Manager at ServiceTitan admits, “I’m constantly finding out that there’s something new that is beneficial to us that we didn’t even know about.”

“And Gong is so many tools that are built in to help us take that next step.”

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