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Hello, New Reality: How Gong Helps Zappi Focus and Forecast During an Uncertain Time


London, United Kingdom







Consumer Testing

The Challenge

With the 2020 global pandemic plunging the economy into uncertainty, Zappi wanted to ensure that they were forecasting accurately and focusing on the right deals.

The Outcome

Gong helped Zappi give their pipeline a haircut where it was "happy ears," so that they could prioritize the most impactful deals.

It’s not like you learn how to plan for a pandemic in business school,” quips Ryan Barry, the Chief Revenue Officer of Zappi, a company that helps organizations run consumer testing through all stages of advertising and innovation development.

With the market being turned inside-out due to the Coronavirus, Ryan wanted to understand the health of his pipeline and the potential impact to the business … and he wanted to do it fast, as the quarter was almost over.

I just think so much time is wasted in deal management on just getting up to speed,” Ryan points out, “If we could spend our entire time being all up-to-speed — then we’re spending our entire time moving the needle and coaching our people — which is what we need to be doing as sales leaders.”

By using Gong, Ryan was able to give his sales team’s “pipeline a haircut — where it was happy ears” in a much quicker way than if he had exported spreadsheets from his CRM or messaged his sales people individually.

By quarter-end, Ryan was satisfied with the clarity that Gong’s Deal Intelligence capabilities were able to provide. “Gong has helped me create context for my organization of what matters to our customers and [has shown] what’s actually happening in the marketplace.”


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